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5 ways to support your Berlin nightclub during Corona

It's Friday and it's time to support the Berlin you love.

We don't really have to say it. But Berlin's nightclubs are struggling for their survival and no return is in sight yet. Several of the nightclubs that annually attract millions of visitors have since begun to raise money to survive until the visitors come back again. This is what you can do to support your favorite club.

Participate in a fundraiser

Several clubs have started different types of fundraisers. Google your favorites and take a look at how you can support them and participate in the fundraiser.

Participate in an auction

Several nightclub organizers sell photos, merchandise and other gadgets related to their business. Check out Ebay and other sites and bid home damn cool stuff while supporting Berlin's nightclub scene

Start your own auction with your favorite club – crowdfund together! Are you an artist or do you have anything related to a specific club that you can imagine auctioning off? Our tip is then to contact your favorite club and see if you can make a deal where both get support and money.

Become a member

Many organizers have taken alternatives that allow you as a supporter to become a support member. There are often different levels of membership to suit everyone.

Donate entry and beer money

It's Saturday and if it wasn't because of Corona you would have gone out clubbing tonight. One idea might be to put aside the money you would normally have spent, at least for one night, and check out how to donate that money to your favorite club instead.

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