Bad Bruises: “We will throw the biggest party ever”

Billie Rae Bigsby, one of the founders of Bad Bruises, the master minds behind The House of

Red Doors event series at Wilde Renate club brings party hope to Berlin during corona times.


The community has been standing still for a month. How are you? "Yes it's certainly been quite a strange time. I've actually been coping quite well. My husband and I lived in a cottage for a while last year in the middle of nowhere so we're used to our own company. And we have 2 dogs so we are outside a lot. We work out and do plenty of yoga and meditation to keep the darkness out. Also cooking is keeping us sane! I think the hardest part is not seeing our friends who are like our family. Also because we had to cancel our March event and it meant that a lot of us missed out on a huge social part of our lives. Usually we look forward to meeting up every 2 months and we get to hang out, catch up, kiss and cuddle! We didn't get to do it last month and now we're using things like Zoom and Twitch to stay connected. A while ago it was one of our performers 50th birthday and we threw a big online party and each person did a tribute show. Which really so much fun and we still made the effort. It's been quiet but we’ve managed to stay connected and creative. So yeah. We're coping through connection! How do you pass your days? "We've been sleeping pretty late! We go to bed late. Wake up late. So, I get up around midday. Cuddle puddle with my husband and dogs in bed for about half an hour. Take them out for their walk , have a tea and then a workout. But some days are just back to bed watching films. It's up and down. Luckily the dogs get us up and out the house at least four times a day!" How are your daily routines these days? "Our days mainly revolve around the dogs. They're a huge reason why we are not going crazy. We are also making and preparing food, planting veggies on the balcony. We've got an indoor jungle and the plants can demand a lot of care. This is actually very therapeutic. I spend the evenings watching weird movies or making Pinterest boards on new shoot ideas, designing set ups, editing photos etc. Listening to music and conjuring show ideas. I have to stay creative. A highly over-active brain won't let that stop even in times of Corona!" “Im also very lucky to have a partner who can cook! It' like my own chef in the house so we eat pretty incredible food most nights which is a big part of the days excitement and their finale!” Have you discovered something new about yourself by being isolated? "I think I have always been quite good at isolating. I am not so lavish or in need of being around people all the time. But I do miss the smaller connections with our crew and team. We socialized a lot outside of events as most of our team are also creating shows or in revues. I think this isolation has made me realize that our friend group is really solid. Everyone has been checking in with each other and the support has been overwhelming. And I'm really proud to have a team and family who are genuinely good and caring people."

What is the first thing you’re going to do in Berlin when this is all over? "I am already fantasizing about it! I want to throw the biggest party ever! We will have just come out of a situation nobody has ever experienced and our main job as Bad Bruises is to connect people, inspire and entertain. And of course, create spaces for social interactions! So, we have to make sure we deliver the biggest most delicious event for everyone to get that connection they've been craving. Mentally and physically! I think there will be a lot of rejoicing and it's going to be wild... For sure! We just don't know exactly when!"