Bell Towers: "Coffee and banana gets things moving"

The Melbourne born DJ is building his quarantine days around food and dog exercising.


The community has been standing still for a month. How are you?

"I’m doing ok - yet to completely spiral into alcoholism or fall completely out of shape. To be honest I don’t really view this as a super productive time… more of a “pause”, which isn’t such a bad thing. The Berlin freelance Support is obviously taking a lot of heat off the situation"

How do you pass your days?

Coffee and a banana get things moving.  

How is your daily routine these days?

"Flexible… the only things I’m really tied to is thinking about the next meal (food is a friendly distraction) and taking our dog out for exercise."

Did you discover something new about yourself by being isolated?

"That I’m able to sit on the sofa for > 3 hours."

What is the first thing you’re going to do in Berlin when this is all over?

"Get a haircut, then go drink a few negronis and people watch."