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DJ Flatbeat: "I have regained my freedom to revitalize my DJ career"

Article presented by LM PR Agency.

DJ Flatbeat, AKA Sam Jaggi, speaks to Playful about founding his own label, self-expression, the club scene in Switzerland as well as his new project with Calvin Parker. And he's hoping to open his long lived dream to open his own club in 2024.

DJ FLATBEAT, how’s 2023 been treating you?

Since my children are now at an independent age, I have regained my freedom to revitalize my DJ career. Throughout this year, I have achieved a lot and played at many new locations. Looking back, performing at Ritter Butzke was undoubtedly one of my most memorable experiences in 2023. Additionally, I had the privilege of founding a new label with my friends (Audio & People) and enjoyed collaborations with Beepd Music & LM PR Agency, as well as meeting many new wonderful people.

Flatbeat is firmly rooted in the Tech-house and Techno scene, with Techno gaining more prominence over time. Techno is where I began my career in 1998, and it brings me great joy to see this genre regaining attractiveness. Playing Techno again at a party this summer after over 20 years felt like coming home and reignited my passion.

However, I also have a playful and very emotional side that I needed an outlet for. That's why Calvin Parker and I founded the DiVa Collective a month ago. Together, we play Melodic House & Techno, representing opposites. Our sound is like a warm embrace for the soul, an expression of love and dedication to music. We aim for our collaborative work to touch and enchant many hearts.

As a producer, how would you describe your music?

As I have only released one track recently, I can't say much about it yet. Currently, I'm more in the background, supporting my colleagues with their productions. Drawing on years of experience in various music genres that I've played and my musical education from my youth, I'm using these skills to contribute. Since our label specializes in Melodic House & Techno, I'm not sure if I'll release a production under Flatbeat, but if I do, it will likely be Techhouse.

What does your creative process look like?

I've never really thought about what my creative process looks like. Everything happens through feeling for me. Does it feel right? What does it evoke in me? What does the listener/audience feel? I refine this until it feels harmonious for me There are no rules for me here, as only the feeling matters, and I believe this is palpable in my sets.

You’re often adding elements of drag, can you tell us more about your relation to drag?

Regarding my feminine personality, I've carried that with me since childhood. I feel more comfortable and attractive in this role. I've received feedback that when I express my femininity, there's a glow about me that isn't present otherwise. While I'm attracted to women, I don't see myself as a woman but as a very feminine man. Sharing this publicly as I am and disregarding societal norms took a lot of courage and led me through many highs and lows. I believe everyone should be who they are and feel good. Those who can accept that are the most wonderful people. However, it's crucial to be able to separate oneself from societal norms and what others think. Everyone should be loved for who they are, and that's what I fight for.

There's a beautiful saying that encapsulates this quite well: 'Happiness begins where you decide not to care.' So, that's me. It's not just a stage presence but how I feel. The beauty is that I can be myself at events and don't have to pretend.

Switzerland is not the most famous place for it’s electronic music scene, where is the best place to go out, do you have any hidden gems?

Yes, that's really difficult. That's also the reason why it's very difficult for DJs from Switzerland to become known. Switzerland has many beautiful events in the Alps that are truly unparalleled. Examples include Arosa Electronica, Sunice Festival, and many more. In terms of clubs, the usual suspects are D-Club Lausanne, Nordstern Basel, Viertel Basel, and Hive Zürich.

What are your plans for 2024?

For 2024, I want to be on stage more and release my own tracks. I also hope to fulfil my long-awaited dream of owning my own club. So, if anyone is interested in booking, I'm currently planning my year.


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