Ellen Allien: "I can't wait to dance again"

The legendary DJ tells us about her everyday life in a closed down Berlin.

Photo: Stini Röhrs

The community has been standing still for a month now. How are you?

"I am not standing still, never. I make lots of new music, DJ for various streams or just for myself… But the club and festival scene and socializing generally is standing still, yes… This feels so strange. Being home for a month makes me feel and see my city in a different way, which actually is beautiful for my soul. I feel very sad when I realize that we don’t know when we all can meet again, I miss our nightlife."

How do you make the days go by?

"My main focus is music really, it accompanies me always and is like my motor, especially now. It inspires me to search for new music and to make my own music.

And of course, my labels Bpitch and UFO inc are in action!

My team and I work every day. We take shifts in the office to follow the social distancing guidelines, but stay active and are running strong"

How is your daily routine these days?

"First thing in the morning: coffee.

Then studio, cooking at home, cycling at least one hour through Berlin, home gym with my flat mate and then bed."

Have you discovered something new about yourself by being isolated?

"Not really… I can’t wait to dance again with my friends and everyone.

We wanna dance! "