Frank Künster recovered from corona – now ready to party

The legendary bouncer was infected by the corona virus and got hospitalized. Now he's back and ready for party – eight days a week.

Photo: Private

Frank Künster got infected by the corona virus in the early stages of the pandemic and was hospitalized. But the legendary doorman fought back and is now recovered since two weeks.

The community has been standing still for a month. How are you? "I am fine, finer than I thought I would be. I miss that "normal" nightlife – like, meeting people randomly without an appointment. You should know that I used to go out to bars or parties eight days a week, but it’s not that hard not to have that opportunity. It’s ok to stay at home and chill, but in the day time when the weather is nice, in Berlin, life seems quite normal, so there is not that much to miss."

How do you pass your days?

"I sleep long, check Facebook, read the news (all of them), go out to shop for groceries, meet somebody. Then I watch stupid videos the whole night."

Have you discovered something new about yourself by being isolated? "I thought it would kill me if I didn’t have the opportunity to go out at night, randomly without any appointment...But it doesn’t. I am fine with chilling, calling people or meeting for house parties."

You recovered from Corona, are you ready to board he party train again?

"I am ready for that."

What is the first thing you’re going to do in Berlin when this is all over? "I’ll go to a bar or a party."