Freddy K "I miss the adrenaline in the clubs"

We’re not the only ones in Berlin listening to the beautiful radio show Krzrzrz. Freddy K still inhales and exhales music and good vibes in all that he does - making us remember the connection we create on the dance floor.

The community has been standing still for a month. How are you?

"I am doing well, but I start to miss the traveling, the adrenaline in the clubs on

both sides; on the dance floor and in the booth. To be very fair I am also a bit surprised how some people from our network reacted to the quarantine; forgetting what they were doing until it all started."

How do you get the days going?

"In the beginning it was kind of nice and new, enjoying my home, the terrace. Now it's

starting to be a bit meh. Anyway, I usually spend my time with music (including my radio show), Nintendo, movies, comic books, my cats, having bbqs, cooking."

What is your daily routine these days?

"I dedicate half of my day, usually the morning, to my daily radio show - Krzrzrz. It’s an hour of music and some talking, the usual radio format."

"It’s uploaded every day at 3pm CET on my SoundCloud and it’s going very well. My

goal was to do something so that we don’t lose the connection we create on the dance floor. Together we're something so solid and beautiful. And it’s happening. The cover of every episode is curated by a different photographer, wether known or unknown or unexpected; like Dave Clarke, an iconic DJ and Producer since the 90s."

Did you discovered something new about yourself by being isolated?

"Nothing new, just that my life revolves around music in everything I do - in a good way of


What is the first thing youre going to do in Berlin when this is all over?

"Partying like there’s no tomorrow, hahaha, for real!"