Kikelomo: Taking Berghain virginities in the assembly line

By: Amanda Sandström Beijer

Kikelomo is moving quickly and creates new buzzes in Berlin within one field at a time. She got introduced to techno when visiting the city for the first time and has since then, besides creating a name for herself, also mentored baby DJ’s within the ’No Shade’ collective and training program.

Kikelomo [k-ih-k-eh-l-aw-m-aw] has a presence to her energy. She does not pile up her accomplishments, but rather invites you into her own world - a space where safety, welcoming, uplifting, acceptance, music and joy make up the foundation.

Besides maintaining a DJ career, London born Kikelomo is a party creator, radio show host, music producer, she works within the tech startup scene and is also an engineer.

”The first time I visited Berlin, I had no idea what to expect. I didn't know anything about Germany besides schoolbook history. My friend suggested that we should come here to party and I said yes on a whim, despite the fact I was completely clueless about the scene, I didn't even know what techno was at the time.”

”We met two Canadian boys we befriended at the hostel, who recommended that we went to Golden Gate. It was an experience to say the least, and I partied for a few days. I remember thinking that everyone seemed so free. They were standing on the speakers, dancing. Of course, I also went to see the more traditional Berlin tourist attractions like The Wall and Brandenburger Tor.”

”I guess that first trip made a mark, because while sitting on the runway waiting for my flight back to London I was already booking my next trip back.”

Kikelomo started to get to know more people who lived here and began dating someone, which started making her consider a move.

”My studies as an Engineer were coming to an end and I already knew that I didn’t want to continue it as a profession. When I graduated, I had no plans or obligations.”

”This was right at the end of the national vote to leave EU, and after finding out that 52 percent of the nation had voted to leave, I decided to make use of the freedom while I still had the chance. Within two weeks of the vote result, I had found a job and an apartment.”