Krousky: "It starts to be hard to have a quite life"

The photographer, famous from Kitkat and its Apokalipstick party, has adapted to the situation but is missing the Berlin nightlife.


The community has been standing still for more than a month now. How are you? “I'm pretty fine. I had to adapt myself and my living regarding the actual situation, not easy when in the normal life it was always active and productive and now it's lockdown with the life in standby . I miss the night life, my crew, the adrenaline, the stress of preparatives for Apokalipstick, performing, watch performances, it starts to be a bit hard to have a quiet life in a city that was never sleeping .” How do you pass the days?

“I spend the first weeks to take a real rest, taking time for myself, going out with my dog in the park or forest, playing video games, and taking time to think about new ideas for creations. What is your daily routine?

“I wake up, prepare my coffee, smoke a cigarette, check my messages and the news from the people around me, watching an episode of a series, playing a bit of video games. Then I go for a walk with my buddy Pigbull Sheldon and my best friend Hana ( who I live with), then work on few stuff, prepare food, watch some videos and then back on video games before sleep. Did you discover something new about yourself by being quarantined? "I discovered that many people wants a print from my work, I had to adapt and finally decided to sell my work, witch before I was too shy to do properly since i was thinking that nearly nobody would be interested in buying it.

As all my jobs got cancelled because of the virus, I said to myself that I had nothing to lose about trying it out, and I had to find a way to make a minimum of living to survive this period. And I had no really expectations about the result. So I discovered my work was more appreciated than I could imagine, and it gave me a bit more confidence about myself and my creativity.” What kind of mask are you wearing while shopping groceries?

“I'm wearing a mask made by Hana, made from an old T-Shirt of the band Suicidal Tendencies, witch I can wash every day. It fits to my normal outfit.

What is the first thing you’re going to do in Berlin when this is all over?

“Be with my crew, my peoples. I will shoot new sets and collaborate with the artists I love. Then I will prepare the next Apokalipstick party, which Is about to celebrate its 3 years anniversary. I will probably party hard to celebrate the comeback of the nightlife, but I won’t tell more, as all what's happens there stays there.

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