Lucy: "I will party like there is no tomorrow"

Time with family, walks, producing new music and cooking. The Italian born Berlin DJ Lucy is doing all right through corona times, but can't wait to party again.


The community has been standing still for a month. How are you? "Oscillating between very fine and quite anxious. But generally I am doing all right."

How do you pass the days? "Family time (more than I ever had), studio time, hanging out in my living room DJ booth, enjoying the sun as much as possible, practicing meditation and yoga. And spending lot of time brainstorming new ideas with myself."

What is your daily routine these days?  "Up around 8. Breakfast. Walk in the park and around the city. Cooking lunch and enjoying eating it. Time for music (either in the studio making it or at home mixing it). Practice Yoga. Dinner time. Email work and brainstorming. Sleep."

Have you discovered something new about yourself by being isolated? "Not something new new, but surely something I forgot. Time is the real wealth."

What is the first thing you’re going to do in Berlin when this is all over?

"Organize a house party, then go out and party like there is no tomorrow."