Minimal Violence: "Isolation is productive"

The hardware hardcore collaboration Ash and Lida finds isolation productive, but can't wait to party again.

The community has been standing still for a month. How are you? "Ok actually. Luckily, we still like each other lots, and although we can drive each other crazy sometimes, it (almost) always ends in laughter. There was a lot of panic online at first, but we're impressed with how the community has adapted to the live streaming platforms. We both feel fortunate that we produce music, because that means we can always be creative even if there are no actual events for the time."

How do you pass your days? "We make sure not to sleep in too long, so there is still a routine. Wake up and hope for sun, some coffee, and then we workout together in our living room. Making sure we stay active is definitely what is keeping us both sane at this time." How is your daily routine these days? "It seems like time is passing by in really strange ways for most people. We both have “on days” and “off days”. Usually we try to adhere to a schedule like this: coffee & emails, workout together, breakfast, chores, go for a run in the park a few days a week, snack lots, get coffee from the späti and dog watch from a sunny stoop, work on music related projects and individual projects, harass our cat, cook dinner, read, watch a movie, go to bed at a reasonable time, repeat."

Have you discovered something new about yourself by being isolated? Ash: I guess i'ts not a totally new discovery, but I really love having the time to just work on projects alone without such a constricting timeline, allowing the time to fully get into my head and work through ideas and new processes. This is partially what led us to our upcoming video, the reaIizations that we could build visual content within our own realm and begin to expand and grow our vision to something beyond the club...

I've also discovered I really enjoy learning yoga, and different mobility related exercises. I never really made time for those things before, like stretching was something I would never really put the proper time and effort into, but now that I'm getting into it, I feel like it helps me to still my mind as well as to prep my body. 

Lida: I have to admit I’m not the most outgoing person and I like being alone, so it hasn’t been too different for me. I haven’t drunk any alcohol since our last show in March. Having this time away from the club has really given me the opportunity to appreciate how much better I feel not drinking. Additionally, learning how to workout at home with just our bodies and barely any equipment has been fun and challenging. We also shot our first music video and discovered that we both really enjoy that process. 

What is the first thing you’re going to do in Berlin when this is all over?  Ash: I want to play music with friends, in a small sweaty room with guitars and drums. I've played in bands for years and this is the longest I’ve ever gone without jamming. I was supposed to go on tour with my band Lié in the US back in March but it was cancelled. I miss that raw energy of musical conversation. Also I can't wait to go dancing.

Lida: I’m looking forward to the little things - going to movies, going to the gym, being able to actually hug friends. I’d been planning on taking some time to go to the museums before everything shut down. Especially I had wanted to go see the Francesca Woodman exhibit at C/O Berlin. But honestly, what I really want to do most, as soon as I can, is to go visit my Oma and Opa in South Germany. I was supposed to go see them at the end of March.