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Mosha: "My motivation is to create something new"

Article presented by LM PR Agency.

We spoke with Hamburg based DJ and Producer Mosha, about how to create a track from scratch to finnish as well as the differences between Berlin and his hometown.

Mosha, how would you describe the music that you produce?

I would describe my music as techno. They are songs that are DJ-friendly, and the themes or the sounds of the songs are also very distinct. But the basic theme of the songs is techno.

I have a lot of things going on right now, and my next productions will be released on the Australian independent label "S7 Records." The songs are produced at 130 bpm, and the sound is very straightforward, characterized by long monotonous parts that invite you to dance. I intentionally made sure that the sound design in these productions aligns with the loop techno area.

As a producer, it was important for me to create a structure in which the song is clear.

For explanation, I try to divide the song into 4 phases:

At the beginning, the song starts with a straight part > this is suitable for DJs to be able to mix it better! The DJ doesn't necessarily have to use a loop to mix the song.

Then there is a break to signal that the song will now build up. In this part, various sounds are added (drums + hi-hats + and the theme builds up! until the next break. After the break, the song is reduced (drums + hi-hats are reduced) but the theme remains! This is an arc of suspense to enrich the song again with drums and hi-hats! until the song reaches its climax!

Then the song is rebuilt, and the individual sounds are reduced, ending with a part where the DJ can mix in the next song! This is roughly what one of the productions will look like.

How was 2023?

The year has been very good; I have developed a lot as a producer. I have started working more with vinyl and am in contact with a recording studio in Hamburg!

Also, as I mentioned, I work with an Australian music label.

As a DJ, the year was also exciting. I was able to play at a few events in Hamburg, and I also played at different radio shows, including on “Ibiza Stardust Radio.” I was also able to gain new contacts in the music industry, such as organizers and club owners. And the best for me,... I now have a permanent PR agency “LM PR Agency.” The collaboration is really great and will continue in 2024! Which I'm very proud of.

But I would say that for a musician in the techno scene, it's all normal activities. I realized that I really like this and want to continue working in the music industry. I would say that my mindset is continuing to develop. It's very varied and just fun. I think that's also very important when you work with music. You must have fun with it! You shouldn't do this for money; you just have to like it, and the passion has to come naturally!

As a producer, what are three ingredients you always involve in your productions?

Firstly, I think of the structure of some tracks. I usually work with 3 breaks. When it comes to relaxed or house tracks, I sometimes work with several breaks.

Second, it's important to me that the song starts straight and lasts about 1-2 minutes. This is primarily intended to be DJ-friendly, meaning that the DJ has time to mix the track. Of course, from a technical point of view, today you can loop any track and make the mix the way you want. But everyone is different. When I play a track as a DJ, I trust the producer and let the track play the way the producer planned it. I think that's the only way to convey the mood of the song to the audience. By technically intervening in a track, you can change the mood by looping or setting cue points. But every DJ has to decide for themselves. I think this also applies to the end of a song.

The last point, I would like to talk about the idea of a track. This is perhaps something personal. The first two points are technical implementations that you can hear in the songs.

But what you don't hear directly is the idea behind the song! When you listen to electronic music or listen a little more closely to techno, you sometimes hear common elements or things that sound the same. This can also be certain stylistic things. This happens when certain things are hyped in the music scene, or a specific electronic sound is very popular.

It's important for me at this point to distance myself from such things because my motivation is to create something new.

The sound of my tracks is different from other producers. I think it's a pity when a lot of sounds in electronic music have the same style or the same elements. For a diverse electronic music landscape, it is important that songs sound different.

I would say that's my 3 ingredients for producing; I do things that others do not do.

You are Hamburg-based, how would you describe the difference between Hamburg's and Berlin's techno scenes?

Techno music is more firmly anchored in Berlin and has a long tradition; you can't compare that, especially when you compare the history of the cities. People in Berlin have grown up with music or with Techno for generations and are connected to it. Hamburg had another history. You have a few clubs here, and the types of music are perceived differently. These are just things you have to live with.

Also, very sad things are currently happening in Hamburg. This is very, very current information from the club scene in Hamburg. Three very good techno clubs are closing this year. As a DJ, this, of course, makes me very sad. This is because Hamburg does not have its own club culture or community. I notice that myself as a DJ. The club scene in Hamburg is very insecure and doesn't have its own concept! Although the city is very international and electronic music should have found its way here, unfortunately, that is not the case.

At the moment, I'm in contact with organizers in Hamburg, and of course, I'm trying to bring something new to Hamburg's club culture. This is also a step-by-step process.

Where will we find you in 2024, and what do you look forward to?

Definitely in the studio. I'm enjoying this time because this is also where the next projects for 2024 are being created... That's fun.

Here are a couple of projects for next year:

  • – Continuation of the collaboration with my PR agency “LM PR Agency” from Portugal.

  • – Radio broadcasts

  • – Producing

  • – Cooperations with organizers.

  • – DJ bookings

  • – Photo and video editing


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