Nur Jaber: "I'm writing as many tracks as I can"

The Beirut born Berlin DJ takes the quarantine time to be creative – and drinks more wine than ever.


The community has been standing still for a month. How are you? "I’m pretty good! Enjoying this moment of stillness, making the best out of it."

How do you get the days going? "Writing as many tracks as I can, discovering new music, cooking & playing the piano."

What is your daily routine these days? "I’m not waking up with an alarm anymore, which feels fucking nice, to actually sleep as long as I would like to. I start my day with a small meditation, light exercises, or I start on the piano, spontaneously playing new compositions; I have a classical piano in my bedroom which is really inspiring to me. Everyday I walk to a coffee shop nearby and get a takeaway, this is the highlight of my day haha. Then I either start digging for new music, which takes up to 3 or 4 hours or I continue working on music for my next album or for other of my projects. Cooking a lot everyday. Walking around Berlin during sunset time. And actually drinking more then I usually do! It’s so rare that I open a bottle of wine by myself and start playing around with my cd jays for hours, I’m really enjoying this. Some days I just feel like crawling under the covers with chocolate chip cookies & a cup of almond milk, watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

Have you discovered something new about yourself by being isolated? I discovered that I love writing classical music and music for films! My love for the piano is reborn as well.

What is the first thing you’re going to do in Berlin when this is all over? Ufff go to Berghain & dance my effen (you could say fucking since you say the word before) ass off!! I can’t wait!