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RSO is turning into a 84 hour festival – this is Wall to Wall

Get ready for an electrifying weekend of diverse club sounds as Wall to Wall, the renowned RSO in-house club festival, makes its return for its 2023 edition. With an impressive lineup of local crews and a thrilling 84-hour program, this year's festival promises to be an unforgettable celebration of electronic music.

The highly anticipated Wall to Wall festival, known for electrifying club-goers during its 2022 edition, is set to return for an even more thrilling experience in 2023. This year's festival promises to be a weekend filled with diverse club sounds, showcasing a formidable lineup of local crews that host nights at RSO throughout the year.

Stretching across an impressive 84 hours, Wall to Wall is a celebration of electronic music, bringing together some of the most talented and innovative artists in the industry. The festival kicks off on Thursday, August 18th, with the experimental label, Raster, taking the stage. Raster's visually focused program will feature live A/V performances by renowned artists like Dasha Rush, Raster founder Byetone, and RSO resident Yanling, setting the tone for an immersive experience.

"The idea of Wall To Wall Club Festival is uniting most of the crews promoting events over the year at RSO with floor hostings on all three floors day and night. A family gathering from Thursday till Monday showing the spectrum of sounds that make our club this unique place.” Says Henning Baer, Musical Curator and Booker at RSO.

Friday, August 19th, sees Monolake, the alias of Robert Henke and founder of Ableton, taking center stage on the ROBUS floor. Henke's live concert, featuring 8-bit techno-electro performances on vintage Commodore CBM 8032 computers, promises to create a unique and calming atmosphere before the energy-filled performances to come. FYEMA, a Berlin-based crew, will take over the floor, bringing artists like Animal Farm resident DJ Aisha, London's The Muffin Man, and more. Tommy Four Seven from the 47 label will also join the lineup, alongside BPitch Control's ASEC and Raster's Kangding Ray. The open-air floor will be in the skilled hands of the team behind Home Again, joined by Planet Pleasure and featuring kick-off sets from Traffic Records Frankfurt founders, Bodin, and Martyné.

As Saturday arrives, the festival shifts into overdrive with all floors running on full-throttle. Grounded Theory's Henning Baer and crew affiliates Chlär and Caiva are among the selected artists to kickstart the day's events. GEGEN takes things to the next level with R-Label's Somewhen and Rawmantique's Radical Softness going b2b with Demian Records' ZNZL.

Self.Control. brings an electrifying fusion of Italo disco and EBM, featuring prominent artists like Italo Brutalo and a b2b set from Fabrizio Mammarella and Giulia Gutterer. TILT features exciting b2b sets from residents Cryptofauna and Faerber, as well as HAMY and N.R.M, leading up to the highly-anticipated closing act from Ellen Allien's We Are Not Alone. This closing set will see Perc Trax labelhead Perc and 47's Stephanie Sykes taking the audience on an explorative journey on the open-air floor.

RSO's in-house series, RFLXN, then intensifies the weekend, building up the excitement to its climax. London's Nkisi, Copenhagen's Peachlyfe, and a b2b set from Brooklyn's Volvox and São Paulo's Amanda Mussi, along with RSO resident Xiorro, will leave festival-goers with unforgettable memories.

Wall to Wall 2023 is not just a festival; it's a celebration of electronic music's diversity and power to unite people from all walks of life. Prepare to dance, connect, and experience the magic of club culture in one unforgettable weekend!


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