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Tarot Reading: Fall 2020

Playful's Tarot Reader Nara Capdeville is here with her fall readings for every sign.

Period: September - November

Theme: 9 Wands Focus: 5 Cups Growth: World - spread by Liz Worth

This quarter brings the theme of last obstacles. What aspects of your life do you need to finish? This is the time to face these conflicts head on so that you can move on and not remain stagnant. The card with the 5 of cups reminds us to open up to our own doubts and everything that generates anxiety. Facing and seeking for what’s real is the goal. To reach the world, here the growth card, we need to face these two lessons, because only in this card does the cycle actually close, everything is balanced and we are prepared for the next chapter. Be organized, be prepared and be aware.