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Tarot Reading: Fall 2020

Playful's Tarot Reader Nara Capdeville is here with her fall readings for every sign.

Period: September - November

Theme: 9 Wands Focus: 5 Cups Growth: World - spread by Liz Worth

This quarter brings the theme of last obstacles. What aspects of your life do you need to finish? This is the time to face these conflicts head on so that you can move on and not remain stagnant. The card with the 5 of cups reminds us to open up to our own doubts and everything that generates anxiety. Facing and seeking for what’s real is the goal. To reach the world, here the growth card, we need to face these two lessons, because only in this card does the cycle actually close, everything is balanced and we are prepared for the next chapter. Be organized, be prepared and be aware.

Aries: Judgment + Bat

“To be born, to die, to be reborn. They are cycles of the same life. An eternal restart. The soul's journey ”

Each person sows his own path from his long journey. We are responsible for building our own reality. It is necessary to confront the Judgment and all that has been planted. The bat represents shamanic death, it is the moment to break free from the ego to commit to abandoning old patterns and having courage and determination to grow. Aries this quarter face a great need to see themselves, to analyze themselves in order to look ahead. Do not let this moment of great wisdom pass.

Taurus: Hanged Man + Mouse

"Each detail has a specific weight, a particular truth and an exact place in the puzzle.”

The hanged man is a card that involves a difficult learning: sacrifice. But not a banal sacrifice, a conscious sacrifice. As Jung said, "make it sacred”. You need to look around and understand what you need to abandon, embrace this opportunity by consciously accepting your destiny. Use the minutia and attention of the mouse to catch a glimpse of the bigger reality than what is in front of your nose and take the necessary steps to correct whatever is needed in time. Taurus this quarter need to create awareness of their own issues and take responsibility for it. Only then will you be free to move on to the next lesson.

Gemini: Fool + Wolf

"Wolf, teacher, master. Pathfinder, moon dog of my soul. Howling, Singing, teaching how to live.”

The Fool is the beginning. The blind launch into a sea of opportunity. The child who is open to the world without the slightest fear of being happy. The Fool represent us, who are going step by step learning the lessons of life. Just like the him, the Wolf has a solitary adventure, enlightened man wades through the forest to find his true self. Gemini this quarter has a very fertile soil to launch on adventures, there is no need for expectation, just an open heart to see what life has in store for you.

Cancer: Chariot + Dolphin

"Dolphin, breathe with me. Divine breath. Manna from the Universe. In the unit we intertwine.”

The chariot is a card full of energy, it calls for movement, for activity, to take your life by the hands and build the path you want to reach. As Alice in wonderland came to the same lesson: "’Which road do I take?’ She asked. ‘Where do you want to go?’ Was the cat response. ‘I don’t know,’ Alice answered. ‘Then,’ said him, ‘it doesn’t matter.””. The dolphin owns the vital energy needed in this moment for Cancer, connect with what is true for you, capture the signs of life so that you understand if where you are going is where you want to go. Important quarter for proactivity, but beware, worse than a stationary chariot is an adrift one.

Leo: World + Dragonfly

"Dragonfly, dispel all illusions and bring visions of power.”

Leo just celebrated his birthday, closed an annual cycle but still has doors that need to close, processes that need to be done and be balanced. This is an important quarter because people do often get stuck in an idea, a hope and postpone the end of our phases. And the dragonfly card here is vital to remind us that change is necessary, we always need to evaluate ourselves and know how to follow. We don't have the past anymore, it's over, we have to let go and move forward.

Virgo: Moon + Doe

"Doe, so kind and affectionate. The flower of sweetness, a hug from far away.”

The Moon is the deep connection with our unconscious. The unconscious can be messy and confusing, and that can be a hard idea for Virgo, but it’s always important to embrace your processes, sometimes we have to lose ourselves to be able to find ourselves again. The Doe, a card of love and kindness, comes into this context to remind us that an act of love is always the way to go, it's extremely powerful to lift us up and heal all our wounds. This is a quarter to get along with your purest emotions, dive in.

Libra: Temperance + Turkey

"Dear brother turkey, you willingly offer everything you are, so that others can live.”

Libras are the only ones who fully celebrate their birthday this quarter. Temperance is a great power card for this period. The dance of the water, the dance of time, everything follows its flow, as long as you allow it. Focus, life has its rhythm and it, even if it doesn't seem like it, is as balanced as possible. Connect with the teaching of turkey, learn to donate more, donate your time, donate your affection. The great wisdom is in preserving the collectivity, because that is the understanding of the real integrality of the life experience, each one donates a little of himself and together we create something great.

Scorpio: Star + Spider

"Spider, weaving a dazzling web. Weave for me a peaceful world.”

All structures fall and get out of control. The Star is the liberation obtained after abandoning the standards, as it allows us to get in touch with our emotions and create a promise and hope. When we are vulnerable and intimate is when we are really free. And then it comes the time to build again. The spider is the symbol of infinite possibilities to build your own life. If you google about their cobweb you can see they have all different designs. This is the quarter to be innovative, design your life to be personal to you.

Sagittarius: Lovers + Fox

"Fox, where are you hiding? Are you watching, without me noticing?”

The Lovers card is one of the greatest lessons of the Tarot. The lesson of choice, a decision with love. In life we ​​are faced with choices over and over again that need to use our emotions and feelings. These are not easy choices, but they need to be made. The fox as the master of observation becomes wise. Learn to observe in silence, so that you can anticipate your decisions and make them easier and more accurate. Beware of impulsiveness this quarter, Sagittarius, you may find yourself in a situation that you could have avoided.

Capricorn: Strength + Raven

"Tell me about magic and I will fly with you, very soon.”

The strength card expresses a need to look at your processes, to have the courage to face difficulties that may arise, so it's really time to be focused, to prepare yourself to experience whatever difficulty you may need to overcome. Use the Raven as a spiritual guide, your personal messenger that leads you to your ultimate goal. Faith, strength and focus this quarter, Capricorn. Trust your intuition and follow through.

Aquarius: Hermit + Skunk

"Skunk, are you really dead or just faking it?”

Lonely old man, is the figure of the hermit, walking slowly but always ahead and always aware. Very perceptive, he looks wherever he goes to avoid falling down. The skunk is a totem that brings us the energy of strategy. Perceptiveness and strategy, as we may think, go very well together. Something about the life of the Aquarius this quarter calls for patience, cleverness and wisdom. Trust your instinct and be ready for unforeseen events.

Pisces : Hierofante + Rook

"Are you making a sacred sound to remind me of universal laws?”

Hierophant is a spiritual figure, he is the great master who teaches us to get in touch with our inner master, to heal internal wounds, which are always the most difficult, both to admit to oneself and to properly treat. But the rook comes to help Pisces to realize that their personal integrality is their own guide, and in the most intimate moment is that you find strength and courage. It is important to take advantage of this quarter to reconnect with your spiritual world and see what needs to be resolved, healed, admitted and accepted.


The journey of life is not always simple, it is often a real roller coaster ride, but having awareness and choosing to grow is a privilege, so go ahead. Good riddance.

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