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Tarot readings with Nara Capdeville

Nara is Playful Magazine’s new tarot reader who will provide you with insights, glimpses and awareness through Playful online, as well as in the print.

Have you always been psychic?

I don’t know if I call it that. I’m a very empathic person and have always been since I was a child. I was the kind of friend who counseled everybody and payed attention to energies in rooms, but I didn’t have any spiritual contact until my friend introduced it to me and read my cards. I could notice that every time I read them for myself, they were accurate.

And then you started do readings?

I got into it after my depression. One of my close friends was hospitalized and had a very hard time, and another one died in an overdose. It made me look for answers about what happened and why it happened and I found comfort in the cards. I started understanding people on a deeper level, such as why they passed and how they felt and all of that. The understanding helped me get out of my depression.

But I decided to learn it by profession since I planned to move from Brazil, where I’m from, to Berlin. Since my tarot reader wouldn’t be joining me I felt that I needed to start getting independent, and she recommended me her teacher who taught me. The course was around one year long for the basics.

And after that year, did you feel prepared to read cards for others?

Well when I got back to Brazil and met my teacher I was already in an advanced knowledge and she advised me to read for other people. I was unsure, because it’s a lot of responsibility and I’m very aware of how my work will impact the lives of others. But I started doing readings for my friends who payed for it. This taught me to organize the sessions well and how to approach people.

During quarantine it was very busy, I did at least one reading a day for people who reached out to me through recommendations. I decided to put my price down to help people who needed guidance and had a tough time.

”My work is about helping people understand how they can have healthy communication and understand each other better.”

What’s your background?

I did psychotherapy for 10 years, so I’m very emotionally built and have a lot of tools. My work is about helping people understand how they can have healthy communication and understand each other better.

What’s your view on spirituality in Berlin?

I am part of a few groups on Facebook where I can sense some ’big city energies’. I think all big cities can be very toxic, but at the same time I think Berlin has a very high quality of life over all, like food and not getting involved in other peoples business as how they dress or live their lives, and that’s things that makes people feel secure. People here are very free of judgement. In a spiritual way, it’s not Bali when it comes to spirituality for example, but it is still great.

What kind of support do you believe Berliners are looking for?

I think a lot of people search for work support at this time. I also believe a lot of people are in need of relationship advice, although that hasn’t been the focus on my readings yet. But as I hang out on some local Facebook groups, I can see a lot of people, especially woman who feel confused about this area here in Berlin. There’s also a need for support form POC since there’s a lot of harassments.

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