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Katerina Pavlou, founder of the coaching firm The Lightworks Method, is the spiritual guide, Tarot reader and life coach you might find dancing, non stop, at the dark dance floor of Berghain.

Written by: Filip Sandström Beijer

On a daily basis Katerina Pavlou meets Berliners who visit her to get help and guidance in life. The questions and topics could be about everything but the concept of Katerina’s work is the same – a focus on providing reminders and inspiration. Reminders of what we already know, secretively or intuitively and inspiration for our questions, what we want to create, what we don’t (consciously) know - what we often call the future.

"Think about it, we dance, we sing, we love, we trance"

"I do life coaching and spiritual coaching and they are very similar, both involving the subconscious and its language, symbolism, as parts of the process of understanding ourselves and how we function. The rest, the empowerment, the decision making, the change, we figure out easily. That is what Tarot cards are all about", Katerina explains.

To look for past influences and possible future outcomes has always been the most popular way to utilise a Tarot card reading. In her sessions she goes a step further and combines the Tarot coaching with other important tools.

"I put them all together and created an own method out of them, so that the clients can give voice to all different parts of their personality"

"It is combined with other practices such as energy work and ritualistic work. I put them all together and created an own method out of them, so that the clients can give voice to all different parts of their personality. They get a bit of talking, doing, receiving and even playing. It’s a mix of the same ingredients in different doses for each individual, (like a signature cocktail). "

Compared to many other life coaches and Tarot card readers Katerina does not want her clients to be permanent visitors and she actually advices future customers to start with the small package, which includes just three sessions, so that the clients themselves have the choice to decide if they want to work further and deeper. The maximum package offers meetings scheduled over 9-12 weeks.

"I usually suggest to start with the lowest number of sessions, which really sounds bad for business, but I want to let the clients feel their own needs themselves and work at their own rhythm, Katerina says. We can’t force development, but if we attend to it with tenderness, it can surprise us with very fast results."

Except dancing and clubbing at Berghain, Katerina also makes parables to the legendary Berlin club Berghain as a spiritual temple.

"Think about it, we dance, we sing, we love, we trance. Sounds like a ritual in ancient Greece, and is as spiritual as it gets - and it can be good for the soul. Joy is a name for health. My favourite dance song right now is “So weit wie noch nie” by Jürgen Paape, it reminds me of witches flying in the moonlight - quite the feministic picture too."

Katerina Pavlou is Playful Magazines own tarot card reader. You'll find her readings here.

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