Katerina Pavlou gives us all some Valentines readings since we're in the love month of the year.

I don’t know where in the world you are, but I personally and the Playful team are in February-grey Berlin, during our toughest month in the city. We still have a few weeks to go till the first signs of spring - not talking cherry blossoms here, but good old complaining about how fed up we are with the winter weather; it was too cold, it wasn’t cold enough - you get the picture.

So I thought I would do a bunch of Valentine readings and proclaim February the Love month of the year, in good hope that at least we Berliners will either manage to destruct ourselves, or just enrich our annual nagging-the-winter-away ritual with a topic other than the weather - we’re still not British, and I guess now we’ll never be (Brexit did happen).

The rest of you may be all excited about Love all year long ;) Have a great LoveMonthFebruary, you all!≠LoveMonthFebruary 2020


My dear Aries, if your Love wish hasn’t been granted, worry not; situations clear up, and new opportunities arise with a familiar or new partner. If you’re dealing with a strong minded (cough cough and wink) younger or less experienced person, just trust your intuition, relax, be gentle with yourselves first and the situation second - and it will all work out. There’s either a marriage proposal, or a precious gift in your cards. A friend wouldn’t mind some benefits, but in any case has your back. The doors of Love are wide open for you.


Are you happy? You seem so happy! Well you’re getting really happy :D No? Alright, this is a chance to discover or admit a truth about yourself, which could require some recalibration. (For some could be the end of a Love situation which was not what you really wanted even if it was really close - someone new is coming in though). If it gets hard, go have some fun, and you’ll manage to stick to yourselves, for which loyalty you will be rewarded with Love so passionate, long, fortunate and shiny that will make you a believer.


Love regenerates you, as does a vacation - maybe in combo. I know it’s hard, but there’s nothing to worry about: new (phase) in career, money, and good ideas take care of it all. Have you given up on Love? I mean Love-Love? Because you get your wish fulfilled, you meet someone (a-)new and you jump from indifference to ecstasy. It might look like it but it’s no coincidence, you hold the key to passion in your hands. Heartbreak - Love: 0-4. You can bet on it ;)


Your overall Love energy is a four-leaf clover, dear Cancer, the symbol of luck and fortune.Your path there - and beyond, if you’re already there- isn’t a long journey. It starts with what you were taught to consider possible in Love (and what not) early in life, probably by your family. As helpful as they might have been, it is a good time to challenge your core beliefs about Love and allow the wildest imagination and fantasies to take over. Do what YOU want, and you jump to happily ever after in no time. Love is a part of life and you can have it as ever you wish to too.


You are so on the right path, dear Leo. You don’t have to consider the opinion or your friends’ feelings when it comes to your love life, the friends who can, will totally be happy for you - and proud of you for doing it your way. Let your fire feed instead your enthusiasm because despite the recent (or still not forgotten) disappointment/s in Love, you (get to) know the fair person whom you find Love with and actually can enjoy it completely. It’s ok to do things differently this time. It’s your life.


Whatever/whomever you want and whatever you wish dear Virgo, you don’t have to lower your standards. Your fire doesn’t like it one bit, especially now, because in spite of all the stress, your heart knows that everything can be fixed (surprisingly easy) without sacrificing yourself. Forgive as you can, but freely. And if you don’t get what/whom you want, it is because your heart has already called the real deal who is rushing to you as we speak. Trust it. Peace and harmony, great passion and finally recognition is yours.


Take a step towards happy-together, dear Libra. Maybe you don’t feel ready to get so close, or you are not sure which person(s) you really want to be with, but I have a strong feeling that you will choose with your heart and even fight for your choice if ever needed. What ever happens, follow your heart and don’t give up. What connects you and them is divine and not that fragile at all. You will end up with your soul mate, the cards are practically screaming that. Touch, desire, invite. You can’t miss.

Scorpio You are close to realising that Love-Love is within reach - if not happening already. You’re very lucky even if you don’t see it. Your worry might reflect on your heart but originates in past experiences and teachings rather than the actual reality. You know spiritual love and once you let your fire take care of the other things, you get to really enjoy your romance. This peace and harmony in freedom and passion might be a brand new combo, but totally your thing. And if your Love is not here yet, don’t wait till you’re ready, call for them now. Honeymoon awaits.


You’re happy where you are regarding Love, dear Sagittarius, partnered or on your own. You’re moving forward confident and chilled. Good news of change in your Love life and relationships are allowing you more space and freedom, as well as a new, exciting role in Love. Your imagination brings you even closer to the dream, there’s plenty opportunity for hot moments and a good friend gives you a piece of well appreciated golden advice. If you wanna have a baby now, it’s a right moment. Take good care of yourself, golden times are coming.


Don’t hold back another second, dear Capricorn, show yourself and your emotions, tell the person(s) you feel for everything. Maybe a bit shocking for you or your environment, but the best way to take a break from protecting yourself as well as to open up to new new (phases in) Love. There is harmony in your heart, and you might even turn a seemingly hopeless situation around. There is nothing to worry about, and you will get your rewards by the end of the month. I assure you, once you take one big step, protecting fear will give away to fiery excitement.


You have every reason to be optimistic, dear Aquarius. Whatever is holding you back, as strong as it may feel, it’ll give away to ecstasy once you face it and say: I don’t care if I can’t, I want what I want! Because you get your dream Love, even with an impossible person and/or situation. You can kiss this old version of reality and its crap goodbye, it will never be the same again - and I mean this in the most positive way. Love is protecting you, your friends are there for you, you get answers and you can trust now - Love, people, yourself. Singles, new love is coming!


Cliche but true - remember to love yourselves first, dear Pisces. You might have taken careless (ok, stupid) behaviours around you to the heart but bright, carefree times are ahead. If you get a big release and cry the Spree at some point, congratulations - your heart got the stage and now shines in Love and loved like never before. Singles, if you thought you’d never again, well, you get to really desire (a) hottie(s) and enjoy it, and indeed do so ‘cos it’s a long ride (I see joined bank accounts here, not to spook you). Your troubles are over, go party now!


No matter which imperfection in behaviour or in the world makes you cautious, dear Unicorns, cut loose (gently) and enjoy! There is (a) secret admirer(s) who mean(s) business -engagement and marriage kinda business- although they thought they didn’t stand a chance. Wether it is them or others who get to witness your shift from (even residue) heartache to happiness, they are in all the way, so you can take your time. No pressure, the path will be shown to you. Messengers of the divine are leading you strong to your new romantic life. Stand tall, vulnerability translates into bravery.

For more readings, visit The Lightworks Method on Vimeo.

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