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About Playful

Berlin is a city that can certainly be a good place for attention-seekers. It can be exciting and even shocking at times, but also incredibly relaxed. It is the Berliners themselves that create the city’s strong character.

Some people come here on weekends to let go and have fun, and some stay here for the rest of their lives. Many feel that it’s a place where they can finally be themselves and let go of various social expectations. You’re not considered an odd person in Berlin if you’re working as a bunny, spanker or butt naked hanging up coats in clubs.

When the two journalists Amanda and Filip Sandström Beijer moved to Berlin they were seeking a platform that introduced
the city to them without blur. Even though there were many incredible platforms and magazines, they wanted something else, something that focused on the people behind the projects, this search finally lead to the creation of Playful Magazine – an ongoing celebration of the city that gives space for conscious, smart and creative people who are setting a social tone more than just living an individual lifestyle. A tone where freedom and passion are essential and which is also outspoken as to what politics we will accept, thus making a good example of a democratic and conscious society for the rest of the world.

In 2019 Playful released its first issue with iconic Scotty The Blue Bunny on the front cover.


We are constantly looking for creative and modern companies with a focus on sustainability and equality - who speak directly to our readers.

Playful provides access to a unique target group, which can otherwise be difficult to reach - young and trend-conscious adults.

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