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A unique experience at Wilde Möhre

Playful's Emma Maar went to an actual festival in 2020. This is her experience.

Berlin DJ Lisbird, Photo: DJ Freundschaft

Through Covid19 we have had to experience music and dance in an extremely different mindset and environment. To be free through dance and to be consumed by music, was and still is a strong urge for many. We have fed this craving in unique ways, whether it be through live streaming our favorite artists or isolated dance.

I had often questioned the feelings of those behind the music, whose art habitually relies on the energy and connection of a crowd.

My curiosity and appetite led me to attend a festival south of Berlin, in the small town of Göritz. I was consumed by nature, music, dance and the energies of others. The individual lust for music and dance became a euphoric movement once again.

While at the festival I had a chance to speak with a Berlin based dj, Lisbird. We sat down in the sun, with mellow beats and a strong cup of coffee accompanying our conversations. Lisbird spoke of her journey through music, and I found myself captivated by how mindful she is and how much meaning is held within her words.

Through Covid19 Lisbird has done online live sessions, but not being able to perform for a live audience comes with challenges. The days when motivation and energy are low, are days where the crowd is usually there to uplift, when this crowd disappears you, as the performer, are dependent on the guidance of yourself and those few around you.

As we spoke of this, I noticed how intimately connected the relationship is between the crowd and the performer.

A symbiosis, led by the rhythm of our senses. Lisbird explained how her biology studies and passion for music, have been difficult worlds to balance and blend, yet through a pandemic these two existences finally intertwined. Lisbird was able to express her academic passion, while strengthening and spreading awareness about Covid19 to the music scene.

Lisbird and I continued to speak about the importance of creating safe spaces within the music and club culture. I realized, through her words, how meaningful this truly is.

Attending a festival during a pandemic comes with its insecurities, but I continued to feel safe, respected and aware, which gave me a sense of freedom I would not of had if those feelings were not present.

We connected similar emotions to Berlin. I believe Berlin has become the city it has, because you are encouraged to be who you are and if you don’t know who that is, nobody gives a fuck. There is a safe and beautiful space for you, especially on the dancefloor.

Speaking to Lisbird awakened thoughts and knowledge which gave me a different sense of the way I experienced Wilde Möhre and the way I look at the music culture in Berlin. I was stoked to see her perform the next day, our words still fresh on my tongue and within mind.

Being at Lisbird and Cara Carppacio’s B2B performance at Wilde Möhre, was a sensation I had not felt in a while.

I felt liberated through the wave of sound and movement, which they created for us. I felt my body lifted, through the gravity of sensual groove and funk. The energy was like a sweet nectar we all could taste.

I felt the pleasure radiating off of Lisbird and Cara Carpaccio while they performed and in return the crowds desire evolved.

Lisbird opened my eyes to new angels within the music scene, in and out of Berlin, before and during Covid19. This shit is hard for performers and those connected, you have to be brave.

I felt Lisbird’s bravery while speaking with her and moving to her tunes. I left Wilde Möhre with the hunger to see Lisbird perform again, I left with an even stronger craving to dance and feel the music that Berlin has to offer.

Lisbird has recently been added onto the Disco Bizarre crew, which is a collective and label in Berlin focusing on dance music and events .

Lisbird’s next live gigs will exclusively be open air, so check her out when the time comes... If you are interested in experiencing a taste of Lisbird and Cara Carppacio’s music, the live Wilde Möhre set is up on SoundCloud.


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