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Clubbers: Aurélie

If you've been to Berghain, there is a big chance you've seen the woman in a black catsuit. We spoke to the person behind the mask – Aurélie.

By: Filip Sandström Beijer

Photo: Alina Rudya

Why did you move to Berlin in the first place?

I always wanted to move here, meeting my ex at Berghain was one reason, then the job was another one. Hamburg was too small for me, and I have dreamt of being able to always go to Berghain whenever I wanted to.

What’s the story behind the catsuit?

I'm obsessed with cats since my childhood. On every Halloween party, I dress as one. My friend David from the UK came for a rave, to visit me in Berlin. He mentioned that he hadn’t bought me anything. We went to a sex shop, and I found a beautiful cat mask. He bought it for me, and I call it The David.

I dance, seduce, scratch, bite, and kiss. I rarely mingle, as I mostly wanna dance.

Who do you transfer into when you put it on?

Mostly I’m the one and only Berghain cat. I have many fans who never dare to speak to me as I look very “Intimidating”. I dance, seduce, scratch, bite, and kiss. I rarely mingle, as I mostly wanna dance. If I like a guy, I look at him intensely and the prey comes to me, it always works, they are always intrigued by my face. When I first met my ex, I scratched all his back. He had the marks for 2 years after. I used to be the techno ballerina before sometimes wearing a white tutu. The first time I met DJ Stingray, he was there without a mask, and I recognized him, he just said ‘Are you the white swan?’ He couldn´t pronounce my name. Henning Baer who was next to us told him “Her name is Aurélie and she´s French”.

How would you describe the club culture in Berlin, and what does it mean to you?

It was my emancipation as a woman, I found myself within this community. I can be whoever I want, and I'm accepted.

You are part of a big club community today, what do these people mean to you?

Most of the people I have met at techno parties became good friends. We meet outside parties too. Except that Berghain ex who broke my heart.

– – –

Where are you from?

I am half French half Lebanese, been living in Germany for 11 years, so I´d say I´m German now.

How many years have you lived in Berlin?

Almost 4 years, I was visiting regularly when I lived in Hamburg before.

What’s your signature look?

Cat mask, The David.

What’s your fuel?

HARD INDUSTRIAL TECHNO. Standing below the Funktion-One and getting my ears destroyed.

Favorite DJ?

Hard to tell. I can name many. Speedy J, Luke Slater, DVS1, Takaaki Itoh, Matrixmann, Henning Baer, Dustin Zahn, Amotik, Setaoc Mass, Perc, Freddy K the vinyl king, Developer, DJ Nobu, Somewhen…

Favorite hour and day of the week at the club?

Sunday morning around 8 am, Muffin and cappuccino at the Eisbar.

Where to find you in the club?

I´m always standing front left, next to the door that leads to the warehouse. I always put my stuff on that door, and the people who empty bottles are annoyed ever so often.


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