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Noemi – The Techno Nun

One of the clubbers on the cover for our fall issue is Noemi, often spotted in Berghain in her nun outfit. We had a talk about her signature look, the club community and making long lasting friendships on the dance floor.

Techno Nun from Berghain in Playful Magazine photographed by Alina Rudya
Photo: Alina Rudya

Being a nun makes people assume you have a past that you’re breaking free from, what does the costume represent to you?

I think that most people of the techno scene are trying to break free from something, although not necessarily. For me it is about the dynamics between what a nun and religion is supposed to represent and what I as Noemi, as a character on my own, represent. I am a very open-minded, wide accepting, sexually-free person and do not limit myself or people around me based on social norms or internalized beliefs and let alone religious beliefs. One of the few things I religiously follow, and love, is electronic music and that is also why I am the techno nun. That music for me is liberating, is healing, is the answer. It doesn't matter if it's a festival, a club, a party, going to work, going for a walk, with friends or lovers, electronic music is always my choice and gives me the emotions of a thousand unspoken words.

Have you developed different characters since you moved to Berlin, or is the nun the only one - how did it happen?

The nun has been my first and only character I have developed. I remember we were making fun with my two best friends about the existence of God and the absurdity of religion when I got the idea that this was my best way of saying "Fuck you" and fuck all the principles you've showed us. I stand for none of them!

What makes the club community develop these strong bonds with each other do you think?

I think, for me at least, it’s the acceptance and not judging. You talk to people literally about everything you cannot talk about in everyday life with other people, and no one seems to be bothered about anything even if you are the most unusual person around.

Also, I do not much appreciate the structures of our society, the class division or the capitalistic system itself. It seems like in that context, with those people, that all fades away. Although', with time passing you realize that the techno underground scene is also slowly turning into what it wasn’t supposed to be.

‌I think it should also be mentioned and not denied, that substance consuming makes it easier to connect faster and have a stronger bond, not taking in considerations how deep and long lasting those bonds generally are.

In what way does the relation differ within the club community compared with other relationships?

‌It’s in itself, a way purer relationship. People do not approach you because they need something or because you are X or Y. They genuinely seek you out because they like being around you, your energy, maybe your dance moves, but generally for the simple things in life. I appreciate that.

Tell us about a strong connection you’ve made at a club and how it developed.

I’ve made so many and I can’t always say that they have been strong ones. But there are two people whom I met during my clubbing life, Rob and Fernanda, who I appreciate a lot. For personal reasons I decided some months ago to take a step back from club and nightlife for a while and they’ve been a big support for my emotional and mental state, and I hope I’ve been to supportive for them as well. To have people being there for you in a totally different environment than where you met, means that they truly care and you can call them friends. These two people are in my heart, although we don't see each other much lately, but the bond is still there.

Clubbing has also strengthened some other bonds, as the one with my best friend, but it feels a bit unfair to that our bonding wouldn't have been this strong without clubbing.


Where are you from?

I am from Tirana, Albania

How many years have you lived in Berlin?

I moved to Berlin five years ago, since then I fell in love with the city and I’m still in love.

What’s your signature look?

Well, the nun is my signature one, but you can always also find me almost naked in rave or wearing harnesses.

What’s your fuel?

I just love dancing for hours and hours and hours. I think I’m one of the dancers that never gets tired.

Favorite DJ?

Freddy K, Ancient Methods, Marron, Tigerhead, Matrixmann and so many others.

Favorite hour and day of the week at the club?

Starting from Sunday midday to peaking Monday morning, is always my favorite time. Especially closings on Monday mornings, are definitely my favorite


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