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3 Berlin clubwear designers you should check out now

The Code was launched from the Berlin fetish and club scene to give exposure to the independent designers and artists currently creating the aesthetic of the Berlin underground. These are three of the current designers that you can find at The Code – Köpenicker Str. 79.

Lena Quist

Your stage clothes have been seen all over the world, tell us about your vision as a designer!

I want to see a world dipped in glitter! My brand is all about self-expression and an individual style that is over the top and extravagant, in other words, perfect for making a lasting impression, on or off stage. My vision is that of a world where people dare to dress up in stage wear also in everyday life, and don’t hold back due to fear of judgement from others.

Can you tell us about the design process?

I often draw inspiration from my passions, be it space travels, obscure religious cults or rock music. I have many interests, and you can find little pieces of me hidden behind all the glitter. Once I have decided on my theme I spend months sketching tons of designs, only to pick the ones I feel create the story I want to tell. My collections are never just about pretty clothes. There’s always a story behind them.

During the pandemic I really missed rock concerts and decadent parties, so naturally that’s where my mind went as it was time to get back to the drawing board.

What’s up next, any new collections coming this year? If so, can you tell us about it?

Yes! We have just wrapped up a new collection, which I’m super excited about! Can’t wait to share it. It will be released in drops starting early summer. Think 70’s Studio 54 meets Mötley Crüe on tour in the 80’s. It’s non-stop sex, parties and rock’ n’ roll. Glamour and decadence. A rockstar jet-setter fantasy.


Can you tell us about your vision as a designer?

I wanted to focus all of my artistic skills into one passion project: fashion design, styling, creative direction. Studio Monika Jaun is the sum total of my artistic experience. I hope to empower those who wear my garments, giving them the freedom to evoke a feeling, and express uniqueness. Essentially the brand philosophy is to accentuate confidence.

What makes your collections unique?

I interpret leathercraft from the prism of fashion. I try to make something that has versatility in your wardrobe. Leather garments are something typically celebrated within the fetish scene, and while my collections have definitely been inspired by, and have application within that arena, I want to make something that could be worn at a nightclub and also the philharmonic. I'm looking for duplexity.

Sustainability of my brand is something that I stand behind. All of my garments are made from recycled leather and locally sourced materials from other independent businesses.

What makes Berlin the base for your leather accessories and products?

Berlin has the best of both worlds. The scene is large enough to allow for anyone to find their lane, however it doesn't have the institutionalised mode of operation that's found in Paris, London or New york. The community has an appetite for fashion and they strongly value something that is handmade and unique or one of a kind. This

means a lot when you are a small independent designer constantly competing with big fashion houses. I feel that anyone can find their marketplace in this city and that is magnificent!


Tell us about TightLaced and your unique design!

Tight Laced lingerie is on the fine line between luxury for your everyday life and extraordinary lingerie for erotic moments.

High-quality materials and sophisticated cuts combine sensuality with a high level of comfort. We offer a wide range of clothing sizes and exclusive custom-made products. The entire collection is produced in Berlin.

Where do you get your inspiration as a designer?

My inspiration comes from a lot of things. I was always fascinated by structures, lights and the human silhouette. So I really enjoy playing with that silhouette and try to create unique structures on bodies and love to play with sheer and opaque materials to imitate light and shadows on them.

What does TightLaced stand for as a brand?

Tight Laced is a slow fashion brand, so everything is made in Germany more specific in Berlin, while comfort and high quality are an absolute priority for us. Our creations follow timeless design aspects and incorporate contemporary influences. Our Lingerie stands for independence, self-confidence and urbanity.


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