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A bucket list on speed

By: "Diva D"

Illustration: Ewa Zak

Like many people I have a bucket list, but unlike most people my list is written on an

actual bucket. This way I have a container in which to collect small symbolic tokens. Objects of nostalgia which fills its up. Tickets, photos, body parts etc.Its my shrine of memories to where I can return and dwell.It also gives me a chance to add things afterwards. experiences i didn’t know I wanted. Or, for that matter needed in my life.

It’s slowly filling up and it's a good bucket. It's a bucket of love and pleasure. It's my bucket of lust. My bucket lust.One thing I haven't got written on my bucket is:“To sit in bed with a cup of tea like Carrie Bradshaw and write a vibrating story about a city that never sleeps.“

But here I am. Doing exactly that. So… (check)