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Berlin Clubs react to Corona Virus outbreak

The Corona virus affects Berlin's club scene and puts an economic threat on small and medium sized venues. This is what you can expect when visiting a Berlin club in the future.

Since the Corona virus is spreading in Europe, Berlin's club operators and the Clubcommission, now have decided to act. During a crisis meeting earlier this week, a catalogue of actions was created for the clubs to prevent the spread of the virus.

Last weekend Kitkat Club collected the club guests e-mail addresses to make sure that anyone who's been to a specific event where a corona case is identified, will get notified. These actions will now be seen at other clubs as well.

Since nightclubs are usually visited by young, healthy people, there is no immediate high health risk compared to old or past illnesses, the press release states. However, preventing the virus from spreading further is a top priority as not to further burden the healthcare. Events like "Gegen" or Trauma Bar have already decided to cancel their events or temporarily shut down the business as visitors and artists as visitors and artist from regions with high infection rates was expected to attend.

If the amount of infected persons continues to grow, there is a risk of temporarily closing clubs. Even though a potential shutdown only would last a couple of weeks, this would would inevitably lead to the bankruptcy of most clubs. The Berliner Clubcommission has therefore contacted banks and crowdfunding providers, as well as the Berlin Senate, to set up a rescue fund for hardship cases.

The press release that is sent out by the Berliner Clubcommisson.

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Onbekend lid
27 sep. 2021

This was great to read, thank you

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