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Berlin Pornfilmfestival is live for a year

We talked with Paulita Pappel on what the festival is offering during Berlin's second lockdown.

Domestic Servitude by Poppy Sanchez

Since it's 2020, in what ways will the festival be different from past years?

"This year we are only able to do a Corona Edition of the festival, meaning where there would be usually a full program, workshops, panels, parties, lounge and more, this year will consist of a reduced film program that has been screened at the cinemas Kino Moviemento and Babylon Kreuzberg, special screenings at the Kino Moviemento throughout the year until September 2021, and an online streaming week, from 26th Oct to Nov 1st."

"We also had 3 panels that were presented at the cinema, with remote speakers, on we streamed live and the others will be available also in the streaming platform. We're sad to miss our international guests and our audiences, but excited about exploring new ways of creating events that are inclusive and have a wider reach out as we can stream and connect with people globally." What's trending within porn at the moment? Is there a special theme you can find in some films this year?

"We have a corona short film program, as many filmmakers made films with this topic. As usual, there are more independent productions with new proposals and more diversity." How do they differ from last year?

"Since the Covid crisis has affected the porn world hard, this is a topic that keeps coming."

What film producers sites would you wanna highlight or recommend?

"Our sponsors Erika Lust Films, Lustery, Ersties and Erotic Lounge, and our partners for the online streaming Pinklabel.tv."

Goodbye Seventies by Todd Verow

"We aim to present a selection of films that showcase the diversity of sexuality, thus we welcome many different perspectives and aesthetics. This year we're excited about our opening film Urban Smut by Berlin filmmakers and our closing film Goodbye Seventies by Todd Verow."

How can we enjoy the festival this year, at place as well as online?

"There will be special screenings every month at Kino Moviemento from November 2020 to September 2021, and currently the streaming is happening until November 1st!"


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