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Create your own music – on the go

Have you ever considered that you would like to create your own music but never really took the step to do so? Maybe because it seems like it’s too much to learn? Then this is your chance.

This article is produced in collaboration with Novation.

Launchkey Mini MK3 from Novation is all you need to get started right away. It’s the manufacturers most compact and portable 25-mini-key MIDI keyboard controller, so small that it easily fits in a regular backpack. That makes it your perfect keyboard for both making music at home and when travelling, and you never need to pause the creativity.

It's not just the compact size that makes the Launchkey Mini K3 available. The price tag of 109.99 € also means that most people can afford to start creating.

The Launchkey Mini MK3 is easy to use in Ableton Live and gets you instantly going. It’s got its own inituitive Ableton control, an arpeggiator, fixed chord mode, MIDI out and a lot of different sounds available in the box. This will make you put less time into learning the techniques behind it and more time on getting creative.

Plug it in and start

When testing the keyboard, the first thing that strikes us is how easy it is to use by just plugging it into the computer. An hour later we have our first intro to a track.

Availability is crucial for the Launchkey Mini MK3, which makes it easy to experiment and play in Ableton Live in search of the right soundscape.

With this product, Novation makes music creation accessible to everyone and only our creativity now sets the limits.


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