Cryptobaebes – Taking NFTs to a physical level

Cryptobabes - photographed by Krousky
Photo: Krousky

The Berlin based performance duo Cryptobæbes are pioneers in the world of NFT:s. Their NFT "DEVOTION" is the first NFT of its kind that is putting together digital and physical worlds.

Who are the cryptobæbes?

We are a non-binary/femme artistic duo, based in Berlin.

The cryptobæbes are cyborgs, the embodiment of human and android experiences.

„Cyborg“ entities stand for how the human in us merges with the technology surrounding us. A cyborg has no higher belief in a god, an origin or a way of life. No pure innocence but a manifestation of tools to shape the world that shaped us.

Our message is simple: the future of art is being created today, but it’s important to bring diverse points of view to make sure that this doesn’t become yet another male and white dominated space. If crypto is going mainstream, it’s important to build this future together.”

So what is an NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a digital art piece that can be bought and sold with cryptocurrency in online marketplaces. Through blockchain technology, every transaction is monitored and part of the work.

The interest in NFT‘s shot through the roof lately, with artists like Beeple selling one of his pieces for 42,329 Ether ($69.3 million). Many other digital artists have entered the space, as well as the collectors eager to get their hands on their art pieces, forming a completely new art market.

What’s the deal with NFTs?

NFTs allow all kinds of artists to take ownership of their work and distribute it to a wide audience. This market holds a promise of decentralizing transactions, connecting creators to their fans directly.

But with every financial high, the low is inevitable and the participants have growing concerns about what’s been called a financial bubble in digital art prices.

Nevertheless, groups like Cryptobæbes collective are bringing their experimental and feminist project „DEVOTION“ to the market and challenging a male-dominated space.