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Cyberesque – 15 years in Berlin

Photo: XIK & Mar/us

You can find the unique clothes from Cyberesque at The Code.

Founded in 2007, Cyberesque has 15 years in Berlin. How did your creative ideas start to take form, and finally become a brand?

As crazy as it feels, in April it will already be 15 years, yes! I'm planning a big event to celebrate, so stay curious.

I have always been a very creative and visual person, and started to design, sew clothing and build things at a very young age. I always knew I wanted to become a fashion designer, and have been obsessed with ethnic and tribal cultures, but also involved in the goth, techno and fetish scene, so I mixed it all up and started Cyberesque.

What did you see was lacking in the market?

Exactly what I mentioned before, a creative weird mixture of all kinds of influences.

I wanted to be able to wear my designs in all occasions and parties that I go to, be it in the goth scene, techno scene or at a fetish party.

Is there anything about Berlin that has inspired you?

Many things inspire me in Berlin! When I moved here back in 2004, rent was still affordable, and therefore the amount of artists in the city was enormous. And everyone was. and still mostly is. very open for collaborations. Inputs and constant inspiration came from photographers, designers, party promoters etc. to do projects with.

Also the club scene is so big in this city that literally every weekend after coming home from some wild party, I had new ideas to realize.

If you could describe Cyberesque with three words, what would they be?

Futuristic, ethnical, with a little twist

What are your hopes and dreams for the future?

If I really had to choose one thing, it would be to do the costume designs once for a big movie production. Maybe for the next Dune or Star Wars!

But this is a question that comes up regularly, and honestly it's not so easy to answer after 15 years working, being a workaholic as I am, to achieve all my dreams, as most of them I already have!

I did fashion shows literally worldwide on some of the biggest stages, of fetish parties and festivals, worked together with famous inspiring models and actors, had a booth in the burnermarket before entering burning man, selling my clothes in the best shops I can imagine, in summer I get to travel to festivals to set up booths there, and get rewarded with my clients worldwide who keep supporting me by buying my clothes!


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