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Watch the new Ellen Allien video "Walking In The Dark"

Get ready and watch it here!

Ellen Allien - one of Berlin’s most ardent techno ambassadors - proudly unveils her latest full-length expedition into the realms of underground electronica. The new LP AurAA is a follow up on here 2019 release Alientronic and it's the third album she's produced in the last three years.

If you haven't heard it yet, it's said that it makes you feel transporting from a reality to an electrofied fantasy. Something we all could need a little bit of this mid week afternoon, right?

Yes, you read it right. The video of "Walking In The Dark" is premiered at 4 pm Berlin time, and you can stream it live from our Facebook page, Ellen Allien's own Facebook page or Youtube.

Take a break, or take an early weekend, and get ready.


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