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Get free of angst – in five ways

Playful Magazine's Editor in Chief gets a bit Woo-Woo, but at least it worked out for her.

After extended time in lockdown you’ve spent plenty of time with your own mind, without anyone disturbing your own nagging thoughts - except for the news, and some live streams from ’United we stream’. If you suffer from angst and panic, you may have tried helping yourself by working out, sound proof headphones and yoga. Maybe even switched to angst frei news without succeeding to perk up your mental state so much.

Here's some things that may help you get through your day feeling as fresh as when you entered the dance floor in Berghain on a sunny Sunday morning.

-Warning- this is going to be a bit Woo-Woo, but who cares if you feel good.

Cold Shower

Sounds silly? And it may not sound appealing compared to the many hours you spend in your warm bed thees days. But I promise you that the feeling of bliss that you’ll get will last throughout the day.

How to:

All temperatures below 21C is acceptable, meaning you don’t have to start with the ice cold to feel the results. Also, start with your feet, legs and arms before your back and head, take it slow and stay there for 30-45 seconds.

Breathing Exercise

This one is our all time favourite, and I really recommend you to try it out at least one time (It takes 10 minutes). There are different exercises, but anyone who is familiar with Wim Hof by now, will feel safe listening to his guided breathing session on YouTube.

How to:


“I have ADD, I promise you, I cannot!”

I know, me neither. But you don’t have to start out with a quiet mind. Just learn to sit still for a bit and that is good enough. I started off with this famous Indian guru that you might or might not have heard of – Sadhguru – who does a guided meditation. This is the first meditation that I’ve ever done where I actually felt I was able to sit still for a bit.

How to:


Not much to say here, but without the TBC you’re not going to feel haunted. This will just make you feel a little more relaxed and accepting of yourself. You’re doing great.

How to:

Drip one, two, three, keep dropping under the tongue every now and then and chill out. Life’s about feeling good. Eat some ice cream in bed while you’re on it and watch a good movie, paint something, write a book or make some music. It will be good when you ease out a bit.


The Woo-iest one of them all. This is so woo, you might not stand it unless you’re in the middle of an anxiety attack, and when you try it out you might get hooked because it can really make you calm the f down and realize it’s all okay in just 7 minutes.

How to:


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