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Holiday Gift Guide

When thinking of what gift you could give a loved one, we looked at a report that was created by Klarna, the leading global payments and shopping service, together with consumer psychologist Kate Nightingale.

Illustration by: Kirsten Ulve

This Article is made in collaboration with Klarna.

Did you know that Pisces love gift shopping the most out of any star sign (50%)? This is one fact they found out together with Klarna. In the report, we also recognized other interesting aspects, such as that star signs, sexual identities and birth order greatly influence our shopping behavior.

Here’s what Kate and Klarna noticed:

● The LGBTQIA+ community are the most eco-conscious. 1 in 2 (48%) want their gifts to

be environmentally friendly, compared to the global average (43%).

● Pisces love gift shopping the most out of any star sign (50%), and 3 out of 5 (61%) want to find thoughtful and meaningful gifts.

● Millennials are more responsible than they’re given credit for. 25% start their Christmas shopping between September and October. Millennials are also more concerned about their finances (37%) compared to other age groups.

● Millennials are the most likely of any age group to regift an unwanted present to someone else (16% respectively).

Do you know your consuming behavior? Based on all the insights and with the help of consumer psychologist Kate Nightingale, Klarna identified different shopping personas - and matched them with tailored tipps and Klarna features. Take the persona quiz to find out which holiday persona you are and to receive tailored tips for thriving this holiday season. No matter which type of holiday shopper you are, Klarna is the ‘smoooth’ shopping solution for you.

We got inspired by Klarna’s collections to inspire your gift shopping with a personal Playful gift guide.

Here are 5 different ideas that make the eyes of your loved ones shine:


Masterclasses can be both fulfilling and entertaining and vary from everything between learning how to paint, produce music or becoming a better chef. There’s even an ‘Online Pop Art Make-up Course’ by theonlinebeautycourses.com to check out.


If you’re in Berlin you’re probably familiar with several legendary record and vinyl shops. If you’re to do so online, we recommend checking out thevinylfrontierbarry.com for example.


Art is appreciated by many, but can also be very personal. Therefore people may be scared to purchase it as a gift. We believe you can lead by example by giving someone a piece that you yourself are a big fan of. If you want to find unique designers, check out various prints at inkanddrop.com.


Timeless jewelry is always appreciated, and together with Stilnest, Klarna is presenting the campaign #BeMyAlly that supports the LGBTQIA+* community by giving four queer personalities a stage to bring important community issues closer to a broader public. Besides the amazing jewelry, 10% of each sold piece from the #BeMyAlly collection will be donated to three non-profit organizations.


The live event industry has been struggling during the pandemic and still is. We are missing it a lot and who isn’t delighted with a ticket to their favorite artist’s sold-out show or a hyped-up club event? Giving away an experience to look forward to is our first pick and it’s always a good excuse for you, the gift giver, to join as well. Go to Ticketmaster to get inspired and pick amongst a wide variety.

You want to keep an eye on some gift options? Create your personal collection with your favorite product ideas in the Klarna App and receive price drop alerts. Or use Klarna’s flexible payment options when shopping for the perfect gift for your loved ones. Klarna always provides a full overview of all purchases as well as your budget.

About Klarna

Online and in-store – Klarna is a shopping service and payment method that was founded in 2005 and is today active in 17 markets. The one-click purchase experience offers direct- or pay-after delivery options, as well as installment plans to make life a bit smoother.


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