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Introducing Estrid

Hair removal should be optional, but if you choose it, make it smooth, affordable and vegan.

This article is a collaboration with Estrid.

Estrid is a 5-blade razor, specifically designed for those of us who believe that the hair removal process should be a pain-free affair on the skin, the wallet and for the planet.

Lots of things in life are expensive. But a smooth shaving experience delivered to your mailbox shouldn’t be one of them. Did you know that there’s a price difference on a lot of everyday items where the ones marketed to women are more expensive? It's called the pink tax, and they're here to change that

For every purchase you make, Estrid donate a portion to the German women's rights organization Medica Mondiale. Since 1993, they have supported and empowered women and girls in war and crisis zones in more than 13 different countries worldwide.



nearly half the price of the competition


5 blades for a closer, smoother finish


encased in cocoa butter, aloe vera & shea butter

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