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La Kajofol: “Today I have made ‘Mystical Techno' my identity”

We catch up with the French producer and DJ La Kajofol to get to know more about her musical journey, what inspires her as well as her take on electronic music production.

Photos by: Papillon Prod

What has your musical journey looked like?

My musical journey has its roots in my childhood. Even when I was very young, my mother would sing songs while playing the guitar and piano for my brother and me. She even composed a special song for each of us as babies, which she continued to sing to us for years. I can still sing it today.

On my mother's side, we were all deeply immersed in music. Our Christmases were always a musical celebration, where every family member picked up an instrument and joined in the jam, much to the delight of my grandmother.

I quickly became a self-taught musician, learning to play the piano, guitar, and percussion instruments. I followed in my mother's footsteps in this regard. I even brought my guitar to college!

Later on, my father introduced me to the greatest classics of French Variety and the most beautiful songs, which played a significant role in shaping my love for songwriting.

Around the age of 18, I discovered the Techno Movement, and I was immediately drawn to its beats and percussive styles. As someone who always loved singing and melodious music, I felt a strong desire to blend my voice with Techno. I then acquired a Korg Electribe 2 and started experimenting.

In 2019, my journey into music production truly began when I delved into the captivating and boundless world of Ableton, thanks to my friend Protokseed, who is also involved in electronic music. Since then, music composition has become an integral part of my life, and I can no longer imagine a world without it!

What inspires you when producing vs. when Djing?

In my production work, I draw inspiration from my everyday life. I take long walks with my dog every day, exploring beautiful places where I can immerse myself in silence, without music or any other sounds. I find inspiration in the moments I share with my partner, in the simple joys of life, and in the unwavering support of my family, who have been with me from the very beginning and without whom I would be nothing today. I'm also grateful for my friends, who allow me to just be myself and momentarily forget about La Kajofol. Additionally, my travels play a significant role in my creative process. I'm an avid adventurer, and I need to explore new and diverse places regularly to recharge my creative energies and continually generate fresh ideas.

In the realm of DJing, it's a challenge to keep reinventing yourself when you're playing every weekend and producing your own tracks. When I first started DJing, I exclusively played my own songs. However, I soon realized that offering a completely new set every weekend while only playing my own tracks was an unrealistic expectation, unless I could produce 20 new songs per week, which would be superhuman!

Now, what inspires me in my DJ sets is the variety of styles and the creation of enchanting, captivating, and dynamically evolving narratives. I enjoy blending different influences, and I refer to my style as 'Mystical Techno.' I mix elements from Trance, Drum and Bass, and even delve into harder styles like Hardtek or Hardstyle towards the end of a set. It's not an easy feat to transition seamlessly from a Drum and Bass track back to Techno, but when done right, it's incredibly fascinating! Personally, during a one-hour set, if I stick to just one style, I find myself getting bored and fatigued quickly. Therefore, I aim to captivate my audience and lead them through the diverse facets of my musical journey. Was there ever a moment when you found the music you'd like to create - could you tell us about that moment and what that decision looked like?

I've always had an affinity for captivating music, even before I discovered techno. I was drawn to compositions rich in atmosphere, voices, and particularly those featuring oriental and mystical scales. One group, in particular, has been a constant source of inspiration for me since I was 14, and I continue to listen to their music almost every day – Kaya Project. The concept of 'Mystical Techno' came to me naturally in the world of Techno, even before I began producing it. Initially, I wasn't sure if it would resonate with others because very few were exploring this style at the time. Today, it has become my musical identity, and the positive reception from people motivates me to push the boundaries further and continue offering fresh experiences. I'm driven to consistently challenge myself and provide my audience with new and exciting musical journeys.


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