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LIST: The most popular quarantine sex toys

Together with Dildoking we plunged into a sea of the most popular sex toys and how they work.

The world is currently on pause, but our horniness is not and in reality it might even evolve in the boredom of quarantine. If you can have your work meetings online, you can also have sex meetings. To help you thought this period we caught up with Robert from Dildoking to list the most popular quarantine sex toys and to help you choose the best for you.

1. Lovense Lush 2.0 Bullet Vibrator This toy is one of the Best-Sellers. The highlight is that you can control it with an app on your smartphone. This app allows you to control it remotely. You can chat via cam or text with another person and give your partner the ability to control the toy. It's the perfect toy for long distance couples, sexy adventures or couples who are currently self-quarantining separately.

2. Lovense Max 2 Masturbator The Masturbator is very popular for men. It's also controlled through an app, but the unique aspect of this toy is that you can connect to two Max 2 Masturbator's with a Lovense Nora vibrator and the toys will react to each other's movements.

3. The GIGOLO Love Machine This is also a Best-Sellers at the Dildoking and according to Robert this is currently doubling in sales during this period. In times of social distancing, you must help yourself differently than you normally would for a fuck. This is where the Fuck-Machine is ideal to provide you with pleasure but above all there's a huge selection of toys to help you find your favourite.

4. Masturbator - Lady Incognito A simple masturbator for men that makes the normal hand job much nicer. At Dildoking this is currently selling over 900% more than average proving it is one of the most popular toys when closeness is not on the cards. This is our recommendation for all men who wants a less hands on experience and want additional pleasure during their masturbation.

5. 32 x 6 cm Massager Massage Wand 10X black The classic! We think every woman should have a Wand Massager at home. It's not only fantastic for a great orgasm but you can actually use this for a back massager for relaxation.

Why do you think they are especially popular right now? "We have to practice social distancing right now, so we should avoid contact with others. That's why we need to find other ways to satisfy our needs. Especially sex toys that you can connect to apps is something that gives you great new opportunities in a social distance world. You can connect with other people or with your partner and have some fun together but without direct contact. In this way you can chat via cam or text, and your partner can be in control of your pleasure."

What toys have they not yet discovered but that you’d recommend during this quarantine time? "For women we would suggest pressure wave vibrators (Druckwellenvibratoren) like Satisfyer or Womanizer, that stimulates the clitoris contactless. That's a very innovative way to reach climax."

"For men we recommend trying prostate vibrators. They stimulate the Man's "G-Spot" the P-Spot (man's greatest pleasure centre). If the P-Spot is stimulated, it can provide great and intense orgasms in men."


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