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Lunacy – A wild and unique space

Dunja Von K at Lunacy Berlin. Photo by: Roni Lugassi

Lunacy Berlin are hosting two different summer events this year and gathers creative and open-minded people to Renate. We spoke with Founder Billie Rae about how it all started and what to expect.

Can you tell us about how the idea to Lunacy came to life?

"Lunacy Berlin came into existence during the pandemic. The prior event series House of Red Doors and Bad Bruises felt to me weighted with a lot of stress, bad memories. Memories of the world halting to a stand still, losing loved ones in our communities due to the mental impact of the situation and of the lockdowns we endured. Also ultimately frayed partnerships within the business."

"Lunacy was our little beacon of hope and we wanted to embrace a new approach and mindset. Start fresh and be reborn."

"Lunacy is about embracing a collective spirit of endurance and determination and also exploration of ourselves, our sexuality and what our desires are. The need to be amongst like minded souls and to feel freedom with our own expression of selves."

Was there a lack of something on the scene that you wanted to give?

"I think Berlins landscape was very different 8 years ago and the ‘sex positive’ scene was just emerging in the sense that it was still just at a handful of (highly renowned) clubs. There were places you knew you could dress up and get a bit kinky and have a wild night, but for me I just felt I need something lighter and more creative than just black and leather or latex. Not to say it wasn’t there but it just didn’t scratch the itch I had. After years of performing and working in theatres, circuses and cabarets it felt there was a space for this style of play. An immersive and theatrical approach to sex and exploring sex, humans, each other. The vibe of a festival reduced into one night where the audience and performers are all one mass creating a scene of love and lust."

What is the concept with Lunacy?

"Lunacy Berlin is a creative collection of many incredible and different energies coming together to make a Luniverse of art, theatre, music and a place for the imagination to really have no limits."

"We aim to create dreamworlds where you can lose yourself for one night and just let yourself go. The current world can be a shitty and scary place with division, hate, intolerance and violence and for so many people it can get overwhelming. We like to put a brief wall up and invite people inside to have a moment of magic and awe and to maybe forget the pain outside, to indulge in their own creations and to feel part of something beautiful."

It's very spectacular and really urges and inspires your guests to be creative. What does a vibe like that add to a party?

"The guests are our fuel and this has been the case since our very first event. Their creativity and enthusiasm and inspiring attitude is what has been the catalyst to creating these worlds. When you have many different people coming together under one roof with one theme in mind. It just ignites so much excitement and we explore these ideas together.

We’ve said it many times but we are so so proud of our guests for what they bring. Each event is a pleasure to see what they come up with."

Fifi Fantome and Michele Clarke. Photo by Roni Lugassi

For a first time goer, what could one expect?

"House of Lunacy isn’t just about sex, or fucking publicly in one of our installations (it can be if you want tho ). In fact many of the guests are solely there for the vibes and maybe a little playful interlude. But this isn’t intrinsic to your enjoyment with us. It is such a huge experience on top of the more sensual side. You can explore the Labyrinth of performances, installations and music and spend the entire night filling your cup with inspiration and hopefully plenty of good vibes. It’s a wild and unique space but it’s also incredibly welcoming and caring."

How do you work with artist curation? (picking performers etc)

"Most of our team have been with us since day 1. We have evolved together and we have grown into one beautiful family. The artists are what bring the essence and the spice. They are the ones that carry us into these crazy worlds and without them we’d be just another party. Our performers are our heroes and our friends and we are a family. We love them all dearly."

How do you set your themes?

"The themes are often created with our team. We have suggestions, ideas and ultimately we go for the ones that spark the most enthusiasm and inspiration. We also like to sometimes push our guests and create slightly harder themes which we love to see what they come up with and how they interpret them."

What's up next for Lunacy?

"The next House of Lunacy is our first event in our 2 part summer of Lunacy.

We will be celebrating the arrival of summer. Which will be a dark and sensual solstice ritual. With plenty of passion and undulating rhythms."

House of lunacy - Solstice Ritual

June 22nd


Dress code: Pagan, vvitch, ritualistic, horned beasties and conjurers of love magick.

"The second in our Summer of Lunacy will be our end of summer event. This will be our light, floral and magical celebration of the summer and what beauty summer has delivered us. "

House of Lunacy - Midsummer Dreaming

August 31st


Dress code: Floral deities, divine creatures of the sun, fawns, nymphs and forest dwellers.


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