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Maike Depas new EP represents two coexisting worlds in techno

The Milanese Producer speaks to Playful about his new EP "EUPHORIA" and its influences. But also his background as a pianist and student at the music academy, and what that brings to his sound today.

You've got a new EP 'Euphoria' that was released last week. Can you tell us

about it and what has been influencing you?

My latest EP EUPHORIA represents two worlds and two sounds that coexist in the Techno

music genre, lighter sounds like in Midnight Ride and Green Hornet which contrast with darker sounds like those present in We Move, Techno Appeal and Inner Voices. I decided to represent this duality of sound in my latest EP because I strongly think that it can satisfy different types of ravers, without focusing the entire project on a single exact form of hard Techno.

There are many elements that influenced me in the realization of this project such as science

fiction films such as Blade Runner 20249 or Oblivion, whose soundtracks in particular I am a

great admirer of, and also books such as Jorge Orwell's 1984 which inspired me led to write the screenplay for my short film made in collaboration with the great 3D Designer Leonardo Silva (itwasleo) for the single from my EP, Midnight Ride.

You have a background as a pianist and a composition student. Is this something that

shines through in your work today?

Having been a student at the music academy was fundamental and is an element that

influenced my personality as an artist and consequently also the music I create. Over time I

specialized in other areas of contemporary electronic music production, such as sound design

and the use of very complex and modular instruments of all kinds, always taking advantage of

the notions learned previously which allowed me to have a 360 degree vision of the various

applications that the world of music can have.

As we've seen, you're also putting a lot of work into your videos. Can you talk more

about what visuality means to you?

Visualization is an aspect of my identity as an artist which is certainly very important. I have

decided to collaborate with many of the greatest artists who are currently there as Graphic

Designer for the creation of 3D videos relating to the tracks I have produced so far. This because I think that In the near future, music and image will increasingly be inextricably linked to each other; there will be a radical change in terms of entertainment in the world of clubs which is already present on a large scale by the major exponents of electronic music. My ultimate goal is to also provide, during my future sets, the possibility of experiencing some visuals that can make the raver even more personally immersive inside the club.

What are two or three ingredients you always add to your productions?

In my productions my percussions can never be missing which I create inside my modular Euro Rack and Moog. these two machines are very complex and allow the sound timbre to be

modeled so that the final product can be as original and unique as possible, this The latter were used in the darkest of my latest EP Euphoria. Furthermore, the Roland Jupiter X, Main Lead of my latest single Midnight Ride, can never be missing from my productions.

You started DJing already as a kid. What has your journey taught you about the dance

floor and what ravers want?

I started at a very young age, I experienced the clubbing life thanks to my father who

accompanied me to the clubs. The first impact was definitely very strong but over time I

managed to understand the dynamics and life of clubbing and in the figure of the raver is

particular. I believe that every raver, including myself, is in the club to be able to experience their most hidden personality from the eyes of society, a welcoming place that can be called home for many, a place where they can make friends, fall in love and obviously have fun.

What are your upcoming plans for 2024?

My plans for 2024 are the introduction of my new artistic identity which will mainly be aimed at the Hard Techno genre. I already have numerous EPs in production and finalized that will be released throughout 2024, each EP will have a single inside which will be accompanied by a 3D video created in collaboration with other artists related to the world of the metaverse with whom I will try to bring ahead my dystopian-apocalyptic scenario which will act as a visualizer for my Hard Techno tracks and obviously for the various club dates that I will start doing very soon.

Furthermore, numerous Essential Mixes will be released on my YouTube channel which I will

produce in various locations around the world, and the starting point where I will reveal my new artistic and musical identity will be the capital of techno in the world, namely the wonderful Berlin. #staytuned #maikedepas2024

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