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Nene H: Techno as Therapy, not giving a f*ck and is the Techno Scene Changing?

In this podcast episode, we talk with techno DJ and producer Nene H about how her career has evolved and how her mindset has changed when she stopped laying her power in other peoples’ hands. She lets us in on what techno has meant for her during her own healing and we talk about how the techno scene is changing.

In the extra material Nene H tells us about what led to her success, gives tips to new aspiring producers on how to evolve, and her thoughts on what equipment to invest in. The extra material is only available for our Patreons. Become one to get all Episodes one day before everyone else, all extra material and much more.

Available on Spotify, Podbean, Amazon, YouTube and soon on all Apple podcast apps.

Playful Podcast is recorded at Factory Berlin and covers underground culture, kink and electronic music.


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