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OBECTRA – Free, open-minded and sexy

Find the unique Berlin fetish brand at The Code.

OBECTRA seems like more than a brand. Guide us through the story and your journey.

The idea of Obectra was always to design and produce clothes and leather accessories that I wanted to wear. During the day, or nighttime. And I couldn’t find a fashion brand which does both with a fantastic style and with an affordable price.

So, it was quite easy to find our starting point of the brand?

Through all these years, the identity of the brand grew and we established a fashion house that produces great fashion, with great quality and for affordable price.

What would you say is the ”essence” of OBECTRA?

The brand was built on the idea that anyone will feel powerful in Obectra.

What makes Berlin the hometown of OBECTRA?

Berlin is a great place to start a business, if you are focused enough. And to build a fashion brand with the style of Obectra, there is no better place than Berlin. Free, open-minded and sexy. Endless inspiration!

What is your main inspiration?

My main inspiration was and will always be the color black. It's one of the most balanced colors, of great power and fragile softness. It can be aggressive, provocative, yet shy and laid back. A great contrast, full of different textures that is fantastic to work with. Plus, everyone looks great in black.

What are the plans for the year, where can we catch a fashion show or other events?

Plans for 2022 are tricky, as we know the current situation is limiting a lot of things. But, that means we need to be more creative in the space we are given and bring the best of it. This is always a great challenge!

And we will definitely do a new collection, new shows and do new great things. Stay tuned!


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