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Patrick Mason's true self is coming through

Patrick Mason used to hate Berlin as well as techno. Some years later, finding himself suddenly living in the city, he started seeing his true self coming through.Today he’s a DJ performing in Berghain, never settling for less than what he’s daring himself to dream of.

Written by: Amanda Sandström Beijer

Photo by: Lamia Karic

Styling: Elfee Duquette


Patrick Mason

Meeting Patrick is how you would picture meeting a star. He’s well spoken, well dressed and you quickly get the impression that he leaves nothing to chance. His perfectionism and dedication made him successful not only as a fashion designer, a model, DJ, singer or Illustrator, but also as a Creative Director. Hold your horses, don’t get anxious just yet. This will not be an interview about unattainable success, but Patrick will spoil some secrets on what he believes to actually be a big reason behind his success.

Patrick arrives a few minutes after me and apologizes for the lateness. As we start talking, he admits that being on time is on his weak side.

Time management is very difficult for me. I guess if you do five things at the same time and have success as a goal for all of them, it can be difficult to keep up with things. Of course, with the corona all things slowed down for everyone, and that was really good for me. ”

Because I think if I would have been going on for another year I would have burned out. So, it helped me calming down and realizing a lot about myself. ”

My social life was basically non-existent during the last years. Luckily, my best friends have known me for some time, and always got my back. They know why I'm not coming down to the bar or joining that pick-nick. But this year helped me to figure out that I am missing something. It gives me so much pleasure and so much energy to meet them.”

Patrick grew up in the South of Germany and moved to Berlin from one day to another to study Graphic Design.

I actually hated Berlin before I came here. When I grew up it was the capital of criminals, and German rap and everything you saw on the German trash tv. That was Berlin. I hate German rap more than anything, I’d rather hear like schlager. Back then I was also doing a lot of stuff. I have always been interested in preforming art and I am very creative, ever since I was a child. Always the center of attention, ”he laughs;

"I guess it's a Capricorn thing."

Patrick Mason

Another Capricorn thing is being ambitious (check), persistent (check), disciplined (check) as well as sensitive. The transition from last year has been intense for Patrick - from Fashion shows all around Europe, touring in Asia, shooting music videos and designing shades for Ray Ban to staying at home alone in his apartment in Kreuzberg.

"Well, I've finally realized that I need to put my mentality, sanity and health first."

But no, Patrick is not the person you’ll see on Instagram posting meditation or yoga videos. In fact, he does not do anything like that.

I do not have the patience. I can’t focus that long on myself. During the lock down this spring I basically got out of bed, showered and smoked weed. I had so many thoughts in my head. I was like how, why, and questioned everything. Everything was going so well until corona happened. Suddenly I found myself in an existential crisis. ”

”Since I was traveling so much before and always with someone, I developed a problem with being alone by myself. But I’m 30 now and told myself, like, calm down bitch. Everything will be alright. ”

Believing in a higher power

Self-talk is very important they say, and Patrick is not the last person to agree. He believes in sending out positive energy to yourself as well as to others and is the first person telling you about the power of visualization. Something you may have come across when "The Secret-era" in 2010 was on.

I believe in a higher power. All the people in my life that are still with me, I know I met through ener