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Sado Opera releases Ficken3000 cruising tribute

The queer Russian Berliners celebrate Easter by releasing a new EP.

Photo: Pavel Kling

On Good Friday, SADO OPERA releases a new EP "Share the Blame" to pay tribute to their favorite club and their second home - Ficken3000. The title song of the EP is a declaration of love to cruising – which Ficken 3000 is famous for.

– The club was actually supposed to celebrate 22 years this month and we planned a big release party. Of course, everything is delayed and hopefully not canceled totally. Until then, we are self-isolating & listening to the EP. And recalling all those diverse "Darkroom 'n' Dancefloor" encounters at the club and all the true stories that inspired it, says Katya, of the SADO OPERA members.

Listen and dream back to a time without isolation and restrictions and prepare for what is coming in the future.


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