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Shaleen is getting ready: "Things are gonna get hot and heavy"


1 of May weekend is coming up in Berlin and we had a talk with Shaleen who's doing a double set this weekend at RSO and We Are Not Alone. First she serves breakfast with a solo gig on Sunday and then afternoon tea B2B with Ellen Allien on Monday.

Hi Shaleen, how’s the preparations going for the weekend?

Hey there! Preparations going great, thanks for asking. Actually just got some dope new records today and gave them a spin at home. I’m carefully curating a selection for the outdoor stage - this is going to be my first open air gig this year and I want it to be unforgettable. Just praying for some nice weather tho!

First you have a morning slot, 10 am Sunday, if I read the schedule correct. What's the best with a morning crowd and how do you work with them?

Yeah, bright and early on Sunday, 10am to 2pm and I can't freaking wait! There is something special and electric about the morning hours when the party has been raging all night long. I'll be showing up at least one hour beforehand to soak up the vibe and get in sync with the energy already in motion. Thats how I’m figuring out where to take things. Once I get started, it's all flowing naturally.

For me it’s all about the exchange of energy with the crowd. We're all feeling the music and creating something together. That's where the magic happens, when we all get swept up in the beats.

Then you're playing a B2B set together with Ellen Allien herself on Monday, what will happen when we have Shaleen and Ellen behind the same decks?

So hyped to be doing another B2B with Ellen. Our set at Radion during ADE was fire. It was a straight-up musical odyssey. We were in the zone from the first track, and it just flowed from there. You need a real connection and a shared vision to make a B2B work, and that's exactly what we've got. Can't give away too much, but expect a lot of heat from us!

Can you give us a little tease about what to expect of your set?

Let's just say, things are gonna get hot and heavy on the dancefloor. I've got some real bangers up my sleeve, you’re not gonna want to miss this one.

It's a massive lineup and a party going on for 48 hours. Who are you aiming to see yourself?

The lineup is absolutely insane, I'd love to catch every act if I could! But with all the gigs I've got lined up, I'll need to take some breaks to recharge. Definitely don't want to miss Alan Oldham and DJ Stingray. I'm a huge fan of the Detroit scene and these pioneers have always inspired me.

While speaking with you, you're touring a lot this May. Any plans after the spring/early summer tour?

Spring has been off the hook so far. I just got back from London, Ibiza, and Barcelona and I'm heading to Tel Aviv on Tuesday already for even more shows. I've got some big news coming soon about a new interdisciplinary record label I'm starting up. It's got a political angle to it, and I'm really excited about the message we're going to be putting out there. There are some other exciting gigs and collaborations in the works too, but I don't want to spoil the surprise too much. Suffice it to say, it's going to be a wild ride this year.

Full We Are Not Alone lineup:


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