Staycation in Berlin – A newly discovered way to treat yourself

A Berlin with less tourists because of COVID-19 does not mean that you as a Berliner cannot be a tourist yourself. We decided to move into a hotel in our own city for one night.

Photo: Stephan Lemke

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin, neighbor with the Zoologischer Garten, is one of the cities most trendy and well-known hotels, designed for a culturally conscious target group. With its

rooftop bar at the very top of the building, with the best views of the city, it is a great choice

if you want to get away from everyday life for a little while without traveling far, which is

not recommended during the corona pandemic.

Since we are dog owners and our dog hasn’t yet learned to cook and to go out and pee

herself, she is always a requirement when booking hotel stays. At the 25hours Hotel Bikini

Berlin she is more than welcome – she even gets a bag of sweets, two bowls and her own

bed that welcomes her as she enters the room.

We humans are welcomed by a comfy blanket in the well-made bed, a fully stocked minibar

and an interior that breathes modernity. The shower is open with a view of the bedroom, which makes the room airy and luxurious. The way it is designed also makes it perfect for a romantic stay.

Photo: Stephan Lemke

The window frames are wide and we start Friday afternoon with a glass of bubble

accompanied by music from the hotel's own LP player. This is not something every room

offer, but all rooms offers an UE Boombox to help you get in the Berlin mood. The selection

of discs is of course limited, but still adds color to life.

The view down on Berlin's more hectic streets is perfect for people watching.