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SUPERNOVA at RSO – building a community for the outcast of the outcasts

This Friday, SUPERNOVA is taking over RSO. And this will be something special.

With roots from Brooklyn and the Black Hole series, the former Griessmuhle resident and now Berlin based Xiorro is behind SUPERNOVA. Wanna tell us about the concept?

"From what we’ve learned over the years, is that time is irrelevant. What comes first a Supernova or a Black Hole? It’s a vicious continuous cycle that’s almost like what came first, the chicken or the egg? However, a Black Hole can trigger a SUPERNOVA, so in short, The Black Hole was a star that went SUPERNOVA, we traveled through time and now we are here in Berlin launching the next chapter."

"In New York, The Black Hole had built an aesthetic around the animated, comic-book like artwork for the flyers. So we can consider this event series parallel to The Black Hole, but in its own universe. Somewhat akin to the way how Marvel & DC have different universes for their storylines, I view this as another storyline to The Black Hole’s legacy."

What is SUPERNOVA aiming to bring to the scene?

"In Brooklyn, what we were doing was sonically fresh and experience-wise exciting between 2017-2020. Bringing artists like Scan 7 for their New York debut, as well as Airod and Remco Beekwilder for their US debuts at off-site locations like a warehouse or the back room of a fried chicken restaraunt. Creating a counter-culture to the counter-culture. However, many things that could be done, have been done here in Berlin, so I can’t say that we’re reinventing the wheel or bringing something brand new to the scene. Instead, it’s about how SUPERNOVA fits into the overall picture at RSO. Connecting what is already happening at the club with my vision and working with chemistry. We’re no longer the cowboys of the wild west, but a piece to a big puzzle and vision."

"With SUPERNOVA, we seek to also bring upon a chaotic, but the good kind, of vibe. A grass-root party where the DJ is one with the crowd and not held with such high regard as they can sometimes be with large-scale events. The Black Hole had several goals and one of them was to provide an intimate space for ravers and DJs alike and with launching the series on the SUMME floor at RSO, we can continue with this idea. Your favourite DJs which you may only be able to catch on a big stage with a massive amount of people, in a more down to earth setting to get as ravey as possible inside of a club."

"We’re also looking to build a community where the outcasts of the outcasts can be comfortable. The ones that seem to not fit the mold of their already niche circles. Those who don’t look the same as those in places in which they frequent and feel like a second class raver. I empathize with those people myself. Not dressing or looking like what the scene pushes and what trends to follow, but still wanting to enjoy the music or anything in general because you still like it outside of the “standards”. This is why we invite guests to come as they are."

"Also, I think Berlin does a better job than most markets in regard to how diverse the lineups are across all areas. However, I do hope to inspire more people who look like me to become more active in the scene and push their visions. Berlin itself is quite the multi-cultural city, so I believe that it is possible to have more promoters and artists at the forefront who don’t fit the “European Aesthetic” and I aspire to influence that audience with SUPERNOVA."

What can the visitors expect? "For the good of the party, we combine sounds of artists that we like across the spectrum rather than to just lock into one sound. Techno is of course the main focus and foundation of the series and were for The Black Hole, but I think the party performs better when there’s an incline in energy rather than to have a monotonic style throughout the whole night. This also risks hearing the same tracks more than once in a night. There are way too many sick sounds, DJs and styles to confine to one thing all the time throughout the entire night."

"The Black Hole had a legitimate and genuine diverse foundation of an audience. At it’s root, it was a party that had grit to it because of the level of roughness of the parties. a small warehouse off the beaten path in an industrial and desolate area of Bushwick, Brooklyn. It really doesn’t get anymore New York than that and you had to have courage and grit yourself to believe in what we were doing and how we were doing it. I know Berlin has its own grit and with a no-frills setting like RSO, I think it’s a great Berlin home for the series."


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