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TDJ is on an emotional and uplifting Trance journey

By: Filip Sandström Beijer

Montreal based TDJ is coming to Europe and making a stop in Berlin, March 22. We had a chat about her new track, techno versus trance and touring.

How's 2024 treating you?

It's been great so far. I’m in Tokyo right now, enjoying life before the first show of my Asia tour on Friday!

You've got a new track, "Come Back Home," coming out on February 22nd. Want to tell us about it?

It’s my first release of 2024  It’s about a relationship that never really found closure and the feeling of chasing after something forever. It will definitely feel good to release this one.  

Will we see more amazing video creations, as with SPF INFINI, in the future? 

Definitely. Something big (long) is on the way..

You started your musical journey in the mid-2010s under the name RYAN Playground. Want to take us aboard that journey until where you are today with TDJ? How would you say you have been evolving?

My previous project felt more like an exploration. After releasing my first album, I felt the need to start something new. I was obsessed with trance music and needed a new output of creation in which I could re-imagine the way I could present my music and myself.

As we understand, Tiësto is a big inspiration and someone who has influenced you musically since you were a child. Who else were you listening to as a child, and what influences from other artists have you been incorporating into your productions today?

Haha, I did discover Tiësto when I was a kid with Adagio For Strings. Loved it instantly. ️ But I did not really stick to listening to trance at that time. I was more into pop-punk music. Obsessed with Blink 182, Gob, Sum 41, MXPX, and stuff like that.

You're coming to Berlin soon, the city of techno, perhaps not as big of a trance town. What is your relationship with Berlin?

I love playing here, always have a good time with the trance and not-trance heads, haha.

Hardcore techno fans can sometimes view trance as a genre as "sensitive." Why do you think that is?

I think it’s super subjective. Any genre can bring you to tears really. But for sure trance music can maybe take you more easily on a very special emotional and uplifting journey.

In 2024, you will have your busiest year yet, touring the world. I hope you enjoy traveling?Yes, very busy year ahead. I love traveling, especially for touring. I love having a clear purpose when traveling, not only for vacation you know. Really excited for what’s to come. Also working on an album.


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