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The best lakes for naked sunbathing in Berlin

Here are the lakes that can be worth a visit if you want to swim naked.


One of the more famous lakes for nude swimming. The Teufelssee is easily reached by public transport and is located in the wonderful and scenic Grünewald. The only warning we have applies to wild boar. According to photos and videos on Instagram, they sometimes show up and are very shameless. And the last thing you want to be when you are chased by a wild boar is naked.


Plötzensee is a popular bathing spot near Tegel Airport. On the larger, and dressed part of the beach you can rent sunbeds and parasols. For those who want to throw away their clothes, there is a slightly more secluded part of the beach that is dedicated to nude bathers. The lake may not be the most beautiful local area has to offer, but it works!


Müggelssee is Berlin's largest lake and thus also one of the city's most popular bathing spots.

For those looking for a sandy beach, Müggellsee is an excellent alternative and to avoid sand in your underwear, it may be best to throw them away.

That is what many people do here!

Any lake

In Germany and Berlin, people are generally very OK with nude baths. It is even culture under the concept of FKK.

Therefore, it is not uncommon to take the liberty and throw away the clothes. Simply feel the atmosphere!


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