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The Reeds doors are open for digital artists

This exhibition takes place right now.

We went on an vernissage dinner at The Reed to eat a three course dinner, wine and drinks – while enjoying a digital exhibition featuring artists such as Harriet Davey and Tabitha Swanson and it was beautiful.

Today the doors are open at The Reed - pass by and enjoy a Moscow Mule, some Lamb ribs or vegan alternatives and the beautiful work done by the talented digital artists.


Gabriel Massan is a digital artist origined in Brazil who works on the dependency relationship between fictional existences and digital environments.

Tabitha Swanson appears as a specimen of an online race. A designer and creative technologist using 3D rendering, AR face filters and sometimes synthetic makeup on her own body, she offers the vision of a migrant from a virtual world.

Julia Parchimowicz is a Polish born, Berlin based 3D sculptor, VR explorer, an art director and a VJ. She takes inspiration from the world of video games, primal aesthetics, and cute animals. Naive aesthetics and sly virtual entities meet in her worlds, born out of nostalgia for cave drawings of the digital age.

Harriet Davey is a 3D Artist, Graphic Designer, and AR creator based across London and Berlin. Obsessed with questioning what it means to be fluid and human in a digital world: her work examines and interrogates the ugly and the beautiful; the maximum and the minimum; the online and the offline.

Jurek Górecki is a digital Artist and Illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. Heavily inspired by the comics and cartoons of the early 90s and his childhood, he started drawing comics and designing characters at the age of seven. His work can be characterized by the use of bold outlines, an extreme range of color and contrast, speechbubbles, vibrant backgrounds and onomatopoesis.


As a culture and lifestyle hub, THE REED is the heart of the John Reed brand. The Club House where the brand values fitness, lifestyle and music are given the appropriate stage. Be it Berlinale After Show or Fashion Week Parties, Record Release Events or exhibitions during Art Week.


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