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This is Griessmuehles new location

And there is an opening party this weekend.

It has stormed around the legendary club, which was forced to move due to expired contracts and gentrification.

But now everything seems to have been resolved, despite COVID-19 and a dance ban. The organizers behind Griessmuehle have found a new location, slightly to the east, in the district Niederschöneweide. The premises are part of a Bärenquell-Brauerei, a brewery that existed until 1994.

On Friday, the club premieres in its new location, Revier Südost, with a lineup that you can find below.

Acierate (synoid, southeastern district)

Content of the night (lively, revier southeast)

Lokier (district southeast)

Parallx (r-label group, district southeast)

Tham (synoid, lively, river southeast)

More about the event on Resident Advisor.


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