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Trippy, dedicated and united – this is Good2U

By: Filip Sandström Beijer

Photos by: Manuel Schuller

Autumn and the chill are here, and it can be challenging to reminisce about warm summer evenings, a three-hour drive outside Berlin, near the Polish border. But when we look at the pictures from the very first edition of the Good2U festival, it's easy.

In the midst of a quiet, leafy forest lies an old GDR warehouse that, for a few days in August, was transformed into a rave playground for hundreds of people. The location itself is special. Here, the organizers have successfully blended industrial environments we are accustomed to clubbing in in Berlin with a beautiful, green camping area and fantastic urban outdoor decor.

As a visitor to the festival, it's almost like arriving at a summer camp as a kid, in a good way. It's evident that the team behind the festival has worked with passion, creating a sense of unity. Since the festival is small, this is something that permeates the entire atmosphere on the site. Festival organizers, artists, and attendees merge into one entity, creating a great atmosphere.

The organizers' dedication to electronic music also shines through. The lineup sets them apart from more commercial festival competitors. Instead of competing for the biggest names on stage, they choose to focus on acts that resonate with the dedicated fans. Sure, established names like KiNK, Ogazón, The Lady Machine, and Fadi Mohem surely attract some visitors, but what truly defines the festival is the carefully curated program. The leafy forests are the perfect place to explore new DJs and high-quality music.

We are impressed by the sound system, the light show, and the details that come to life as darkness falls and the doors to the old GDR warehouse open in the evenings. During the day, tired festivalgoers gather at the festival's only outdoor stage, which starts with lower BPM and gradually increases as the day progresses.

We are also impressed by the relaxation area, located right between the camping area and the large concrete buildings (approximately 20 meters apart). Here, the interior design team has managed to create a cozy and welcoming environment that almost resembles a home party in the evenings and a decadent yet cozy after-party in the mornings.

To sum it up: If you enjoy discovering new music in a wonderfully trippy forest setting and becoming part of a larger community, the Good2U family, then this is the festival for you.

Interested in Good2U 2024? Then you should keep your eyes open on their Instagram.


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