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What is the dresscode at KitKat Club in Berlin and How To Get In?

These are the questions many tourists ask before they visit the legendary club for the first time. We have the answers.

Thinking of visiting KitKat Club for the first time? Then you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll go over some things to keep in mind before queuing up at one of Berlin's most well-known clubs.

Dress code

KitKat is a sex and fetish club and is aimed at people who are part of the scene. The dress code is therefore very important and you won't get in if you don't make an effort.

Our tip is to visit one of the city's club wear and fetish shops beforehand to find something that suits your style and personality. Think latex, leather and nude.

Here you will find three stores that specialise in dress codes in particular:

Door policy

The door policy on KitKat is strict. This is because the club wants to avoid tourists who are only there out of pure curiosity. Be prepared to show the bouncer what you intend to wear during the evening and accept if you are refused. The club is open for a long time and you can always try to come back a few hours later.

Be careful not to appear in a large group. Especially men in groups are also at greater risk of being denied. Be quiet in the queue and don't be too drunk when you get to the entrance.

How do I behave inside KitKat?

Keep in mind that KitKat is for many a free zone. It is a place where they can explore and live out their sexuality and their fantasies. Consent is therefore A and O and if you have a problem with taking a NO, you should not even think about entering.

In other words: Do not participate in any form of sexual act without receiving a clear invitation that it is OK.

Watch this interview that we made with KitKat Clubs founder Simon Thaur in Playful Podcast.


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